3 Calls, 1 Night

Written by: Gay Aiden

The phone rang loudly, causing me to jump almost physically out of my sleep. I was suddenly sitting up, listening to the loud ring tone go off. “Who the fuck is calling at 10 pm?!” I groan I grab it, seeing an unknown number. I press the answer button “Hello?”

“Aidan? That you?” said a familiarly deep voice.

“Ray?!” I said, my eyes shooting open and my sleepiness gone. Ray was an old friend from high school who I had had many jerk off session with back in the day. But I hadn’t heard from him since graduation.

“How are you, stud?” Just hearing him talk made my sigh. His voice was amazing to listen to.

“You woke me up, but I’m wide awake now”

“How awake?” He muttered, his voice getting quieter but dripping innuendo. There is was. He was horny and wanted a session. And at that moment did I realize my cock was already throbbing under the blankets.

“Wide awake” I mutter in response, hoping he catches on. He did.

“What are you wearing?”

Such a generic statement cause my balls to tighten. “Absolutely nothing. What about you?”

“Same here. God I wish you were with me. My meat is so hard”

“Mine too. Ever since I heard your voice it’s been standing up and aching”

“I’ve been hard all day, just thinking about you. I almost didn’t call but I’m glad I did”

“I am too. God I’m already leaking precum and I’m not even touching myself”

“Then how about you touch yourself now”

I moan loudly “It’s so firm” I say as I tighten my grip on my meat.

“Mine is too. I’m stroking fast”

“Want me to speed up?”

“Yes. Go fast. I want us to cum together soon”

“Okay. I’m going faster”

I was remembering the look of his body and his cock, and imagining its hardness and how it’s leaking. I looked down at my cock in the darkness and could see how hard it was. I was shocked at how he was doing this to my body.

“It feels so good. Remember high school? Remember in coach’s office? Man that was hot. You took my whole cock in your mouth and sucked it till I blasted off”

“I remember that. You were so hot. And I came with you and soaked the floor. You got me leaking now stud. I’m soaking my abs”

I was moaning now and he was too. It felt perfect, like he was stroking me.

“I’m going faster” He hummed.

“Me too. I’m already getting close”

“Me too. Want to blast off?”

“I’d…love to” I say, pausing to moan in between.

“Oh I’m close. Remember all those times. Remember my cock and cum? And how hard it was? It’s that hard now.”

“I remember it all. I want to do it again. I’m so hot all over. I’m gonna cum any second now”

“Do it! I’m cumming!” He shouted into the phone, sending me over the edge.

“Me too!” I shouted back.

My cum shot hard, splattering my chest and soaking my stomach, causing me to pant and moan. I could hear Ray panting too and I knew he shot a huge load too.

“Thanks man” he muttered, sounding somewhat guilty.

“Of course! If you EVER want to do this again, call whenever. I am always up for jerking”

“I definitely will call again” And with that, he hung up. I sighed and put my phone down, passing out from exhaustion, covered in sweat and cum.

The phone rang loudly, causing me to jump almost physically out of my sleep. I was suddenly sitting up, listening to the loud ring tone go off. “Who the fuck is calling at midnight?!” I groan I grab it, seeing an unknown number. I press the answer button “Hello?”

“Is this Aidan?”

“Yes it is. Who is this?

“This is Scott and I’ve heard you give the best orgasms around”

“Says who?”

“Ray just called and said you got him off real good”

“I’m not driving to anyone’s house at this hour. Sorry”

“I don’t want you to drive anywhere. I want talk. My cock is so hard”

He knew just what to say to get my juices flowing. I flexed my cock and realized it was already rock hard, even though I had already cum only two hours ago. I hesitated in silence until I heard Scott moan.

“It’s leaking dude” He moaned, and that cause me to leak too

“I am too” I muttered and lay back down on my bed.

“Are you naked?!” He said, suddenly excited with my agreement to join.

“Of course. I’m always naked in bed”

“God I wish I was with you. I’m naked too”

“Are you stroking?”

“I’m stroking so fast. My tip is hot and wet”

“I can hear it” I start to stroke myself quickly. My tip is sensitive and I can’t help but moan.

“Oh keep moaning baby. You’ve voice is so hot. I can just imagine you sucking my cock”

“I wish I was. I love sucking cock. Do you cum a lot?”

“I soak myself all the time. You’d drown” I chuckled and I did too.

“I’m pretty practiced with cum. I’d swallow it all”

“You swallow?! Oh man that’s hot”

“I always swallow. I love making guys feel good and they love when I swallow.”

“Fuck man, the way you speak really gets me going”

“The way you moan makes me throb dude”

“I’m going faster. I’m precumming so much. It’s all over my hand and pubes”

“Fuck man, I love precum and the way you talk is making me leak too”

“God man…” he starts to pant between words now “… I’m so fucking close”

“I am too dude. Tell me when and I’m shooting this fucking load all over myself”

“Here it cums dude! Fuck!!”

“Me too!” I shout to match him, and my cum shoots into the air and splatters on my chest. I pant as my second orgasms rushes over. I could hear him panting and gasping and even hear his cum splatter near his mic.

“It’s all over. On my face and chest. And its still flowing out”

“God man, that’s so good. You definitely need to call back again cause I came all over too”

“Good night dude. I’ll definitely call later” and I could almost hear him wink before hanging up. I fell asleep with the second load on me.

I hear my phone ring and my eyes shoot open. I glance at the clock to see it read 2:34 AM. I groan and grab the phone. “Hello?”

“Is this Aidan?”

“Yes…who is this? And why are you calling at 2:30 in the morning??”

“My name is Steve. I’m naked, are you?”

I knew exactly what this call was about. Just hearing the voice say he was naked caused my dick to pulse and get on the rise.

“I always sleep naked. Who gave you this number?”

“Are you hard?” He avoided the question.

“Yes. Are you?

“Hard as steel”

“Stroking it?”

“So fast. Feels so good. I’ve been edging for hours. When did you last cum?”

“Two hours again, but I am already leaking again”

I push the blanket off to see my dick, pointing up and already leaking precum onto the drying cum on it. I grip it and start to stroke fast. I was hard as a rock and shocked by it. I keep stroking, starting to moan.

“Oh yeah man, your moans turn me on so much” he moaned back, only making me harder.

“Oh yeah baby, keep moaning for me too”

He let out a long shaking moan. I could hear the familiar fapping sound of jerking and my cock throbbed. I go faster, moaning louder than him. I hit speaker phone and drop the phone next to my ear, grabbing my nuts with my now free hand.

“My cock is so sensitive right now” I mutter, stroking faster.

“Mine too. I am so close to cumming”

“Me too. Keep going. Faster babe” I moan out.

“Fuck yeah. I’m leaking. My tip is shining”

“Fuck man, I’m gonna cum…”

I moan as my cock swells. It won’t be long now. “I’m cumming!” the voice suddenly shouts, and at that I lost it too. Ropes of cum shot into the air and splattered on my chest. I could hear his cum splattering too. Neither of us talked for at least 5 minutes. We just moaned and panted, our orgasms lasting a long time.

“That was amazing. Please call back agai-” but the phone hung up. I pout and put my phone on the desk, my cock softening again. I groan as the blankets fall on my sensitive tip. I chuckled before falling asleep.