Andy Cohen makes major reveal about his early career and how it could have changed everything

On Watch What Happens Live this week, Andy Cohen revealed to Sex and the City alumna Kristin Davis that the two of them were almost co-workers.

Cohen revealed that he once auditioned for a role in the HBO series, but that he ultimately didn’t get the part.

“Michael Patrick King for some reason was like, ‘Come in and read for … ‘ I think the part that wound up going to Mario Cantone,” Cohen explained. “I think it was the the party planner, which was a huge part.”

Cantone played gay party planner Anthony Marentino in the series, as well as in both films. Marentino was the gay best friend of Charlotte York, played by Davis.

“I don’t think the expectation was for it to wind up being such a huge part,” Cohen continued. “Mario is so great that they were probably like, ‘Okay, well we have to.’ But it was I think that party planner.”

Ultimately, Cohen did land a small speaking role in the final season, playing a shoe salesman at Barney’s. He also made a brief cameo in Season 4.

“I was also in a gay bar shirtless next to Sarah Jessica in season 4,” he said.

Had Cohen landed the role of Anthony Marentino, however, his career would have likely taken a very different trajectory.