Whether it’s for a party or your boyfriend, Cell Block 13 has a garment, or piece of garment, that will fit. Founded in Los Angeles in 2001, Creative Director Timoteo Ocampo created his underwear, swimwear, sportswear, and denim collections with the vision of offering customers cutting-edge design, exceptional fit, and unparalleled quality. 

Not only are the garments sexy, but they are sexy for just about everyone; whether you are a twink, a bear, or non-conforming, there is something for you. That, to us, is the most celebratory aspect.  It doesn’t stop there though; when the pieces arrived in our hands, our team was floored, floored because the quality of their pieces were lux beyond belief, rich and desirable, and made to perfection. Too often we are accompanied by underwear, and clothing in general, that has a cute design but lacks in quality. Cell Block 13 left no room for disappointments.  


PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexander Jamall
GROOMER: Robson Oliveira
MODELS: Cody Blond & Tayler Loft