Curiosity Satisfied

Written by: BadDog

The teen years are confusing enough for everyone but, for those, like me, who don’t quite fit the description of normal, whatever that is, they can be extremely confusing and frustrating. In my case, there really wasn’t anything normal about me. First, I was not a member of the predominant religion in the area that over ninety percent of my classmates were. In addition, I was physically larger than all but one or two others in the school and had a full thick beard by the time I was sixteen. While most others obsessed over trendy clothes and the latest fashion, I was perfectly content in my boots and jeans. I played football freshman year. The coaches practically begged me to play the following year but, to me, the jocks were just a bunch of arrogant obnoxious morons and I didn’t like being around them. I was friends with some of the stoners and hung out with them on occasion but, I was careful to keep my distance when they were doing dumb shit, which was most of the time. I just didn’t fit with any of the cliques and was fine being a loner and doing my own thing. Sexuality is where things got really confusing though. There could be no doubt, I liked girls and, like any teenage boy, thought about almost nothing other than girls and sex constantly. Every once in a while, however, thoughts of other guys would pop up out of nowhere and they were almost as titillating as the thoughts about girls.

The ultra-religious society I lived in, relegated any sort of discussion about sexuality to whispered innuendo in dark corners. Any mention of bisexuality or homosexuality would surely have been cause for ostracization or worse. At first, I had dismissed any homosexual thoughts as nothing more than weird random thoughts but, as they continued to pop up, I had to believe I was at least curious about exploring with another guy. Of course, I had no idea how I might go about satisfying this curiosity as there was no one I knew that I would risk revealing my secret to. They would just have to remain random thoughts in my head reserved for masturbatory fantasy and I thought that was good enough for me, for a while anyway.

Things would suddenly change during my senior year. A massive winter storm hit just before Christmas that year. As I made my way home, there was already more than a foot of snow on the road and it was snowing so hard the wipers were barely keeping the windshield clear. Less than a mile from my house, something off the side of the road caught my attention as I passed. I stopped and backed up to take another look. There were clear tracks in the snow leading off the road but, that’s all I could see. Something told me I needed to take a closer look.

So, grabbing my gloves, I stepped out into the storm and waded through the snow to the edge of the road, then I saw it. A car on its side in the ditch. I slid down the bank to stand on the door of the car and brushed the snow off the window to find a familiar, albeit frightened, face staring back at me, Phillip Rilley. I had known Phil since kindergarten and we had a few classes together through the years. From the look on his face, I could tell he was pretty shaken up.

With more than a little effort, I was able to get the door open and lift it high enough for Phill to scramble up out of the overturned car. He was really shaken and talking so fast, trying to explain what happened, I could barely understand what he was saying. He actually threw his arms around me and thanked me repeatedly for coming to his rescue. He was shaking terribly, whether from cold or fear I didn’t know, but, I did know, I needed to get him out of the ditch and into my truck to warm up. I more or less had to drag Phil up the bank and load him into my truck as he was struggling just to walk, let alone climb the steep slippery bank.

It was a short drive to my house and by the time we arrived, Phil had calmed somewhat and was able to wade through the snow to the house without assistance. Once safely inside, I made sure Phil didn’t have any serious injuries and found him a blanket to wrap around him. With Phil warming up and considerably calmer, I called to report the accident. The dispatcher said, with weather and road conditions being what they were, as long as there were no medical emergencies, no units would be dispatched. She also told me to call back if Phil started showing any signs of concussion or other injury and told me what to watch for.

By the time I got off the phone, Phil had settled down enough to call his parents and let them know what happened. I felt confident that I could get Phil home without incident but, his parents didn’t want us out driving around and possibly getting in another wreck and asked if he could just stay with me for the night. They wanted to ask my parents but, they weren’t home at the time, and would call just a few minutes later to let me know that they had gotten a hotel room for the night rather than try to drive back in the snow. I warmed up some leftover meatloaf and we had dinner in front of the television.

Phil and I had gone to school together since kindergarten but, we didn’t know each other that well. Being stuck together gave us time to talk and learn more about each other. Despite being quite different in a lot of ways, we actually shared quite a few common interests, which gave a lot to talk about.

Being curious as I was, I had, over time, considered which of my classmates might share my curiosity. By my own assessment, there were four likely candidates and Phil was one of the four. I had no concrete evidence that Phil, or any of the others, were bisexual or gay, in at least one case it was mostly just a gut feeling. As I went to bed that night, I couldn’t help thinking about Phil being in the room next door and wondering if I was right about him. I tossed and turned most of the night wondering, and trying to figure out how to first, confirm my suspicion, and second, if I was right, how to approach him about satisfying those curiosities.

I did manage to get a few hours of restless sleep before rolling out of bed and pulling on a pair of sweatpants. As I was rummaging in the refrigerator trying to find something for breakfast, Phil wandered in wearing just his jeans from the night before. “Morning,” he said, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Morning, there’s juice on the counter and glasses in the cabinet above. Help yourself,” I answered. “Score!” I shouted, upon discovering some foil-wrapped leftover pizza in the back of the fridge. “Cold pizza for breakfast,” I grinned, holding the package up like a hard-won prize. “Awesome!” Phil exclaimed with a big smile. We each grabbed a slice and after taking a few bites, I reached across for my glass of juice, causing me to lean in close to Phil. “You’ve got a really hairy chest,” he said quietly, placing his palm lightly in the center of my broad chest.

His hands were soft and warm and I felt an almost electric shock at his touch. Phil’s eyes suddenly widened and he jerked his hand back like he’d just touched red hot iron. His face turned crimson and he turned his head to avoid my gaze. The way he’d felt the hair on my chest and his fearful reaction, all but confirmed my suspicions. My eyes roamed over his pale nearly hairless upper body and my dick begin to swell.

“Phil, are you… ah… do you like… are you gay?” I finally managed, feeling the heat rising in my cheeks and knowing they were probably as red as his. He turned with a terrified expression on his face and started to speak but stopped as he studied my face, realizing I wasn’t asking because I was offended, then he continued as the terror disappeared from his blue eyes. “I… I don’t know,” he paused for a moment, “sometimes I think I might be,” he said and looked away again.

“Me too,” I said, placing my hand on his shoulder. Again there as an electric shock as I touched his warm flesh. “Sometimes I think I might be too.” “Really?” he asked turning back toward me, “but I’ve seen you with girls.” I nodded, “Yeah, I’ve been with a couple of girls but, sometimes I wonder what it would be like with a guy.” He placed his hand on my chest again, running his finger through the hair there. “M-m-maybe we could try some things and see what it’s like,” he said quietly, sliding his hand across my chest. My mouth suddenly felt dry and my dick jumped in my pants. “Uh, yeah we could do that,” I said, moving my hand from his shoulder down over his smooth chest. “Let’s go in the other room,” I said, stepping back and glancing down at the obvious bulge in Phil’s jeans.

We moved into the family room and I pushed the sweat pants down from my hips, letting them fall as I turned to face Phil. He nervously licked his lips as he stared at my swollen member and dropped his jeans and underwear to the floor. My mouth fell open as Phil’s impressive organ sprang free and stood proudly before him. I’d never seen a dick that big, not even in the few porn videos I’d seen at that time. We stood nervously staring at each other’s nude bodies, neither of us quite sure what to do.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Phil’s big cock and, after a moment, slowly reached out to wrap my fingers around it. Phil groaned as his eyes fluttered shut and I thought, for a moment, he was going to faint. I helped him down onto the couch and knelt before him, slowly stroking my hand along the length of his hard cock. It felt so hot and smooth in my hand, so different from stroking my own, which, by now was hard and throbbing. I was fascinated with Phil’s thick member and explored every bit of it with my fingers, feeling every ridge and vein leading along the shaft, and the spongy feel of the wide flared head, and the slick precum leaking from the dark tip.

Leaning forward, I reached out with my tongue to taste the viscous salty liquid. I felt a bit light-headed as it coated my taste buds and my cock throbbed in response. With no hesitation or trepidation, my lips parted and I lowered my mouth over Phil’s magnificent member. Swirling my tongue over the wide tip, I took as much of it into my mouth as I could. The girth of Phil’s cock stretched my lips to their limit as I began sliding them up and down its glorious length.

So many thoughts were swirling in my head as sucked and licked Phil’s big magnificent cock. Mostly, I was thinking, oh my god, I’m actually sucking the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and I love it! “Oh… oh… oh my god,” Phil moaned as his tangy precum coated the inside of my mouth and tongue.

I felt his hand on the back of my head and his hips bucked, shoving the tip of his cock into my throat. Gagging and coughing, I pulled back and stroked his cock for a moment while I recovered. Then resumed bobbing my head on his stiff rod. His fingers gripped my hair and his legs shot out straight. “Oh god I’m gonna…” he cried out as hot salty cum filled my hungry mouth.

His sudden orgasm caught me by surprise and I fell back, choking, as thick white ropes continued to spurt from his twitching cock, covering my face. Phil collapsed back on the couch, drained by his powerful orgasm. I wiped at the cum dribbling down my cheek and studied it for a moment before licking it off. I’d tasted my own cum before and Phil’s had a slightly different almost sweet flavor. I wiped more from my cheek and rose to sit beside Phil, with one hand still wrapped around his thick cock. Phil looked at me, a wide drunken smile on his face, and leaned forward, bringing our faces close together. Gently placing a hand on my chest, he kissed me. The kiss was unexpected, none of my fantasies about other men had ever involved kissing but, his lips felt good against my own and I kissed back.

Phil’s hands explored my body as our tongues met. His kissing grew incrementally more aggressive and he slowly crawled up over me, forcing me onto my back. Phil’s kisses covered my face and neck, he lightly bit my ear and rubbed his semi-hard cock against my own rock hard member. I gripped his firm ass, pulling him against me and moaned into his hungry mouth. Phil kissed his way down my neck and chest, licking at my nipple while pumping his hips and rubbing our cocks together. I moaned from the stimulation and clutched his head, pulling his mouth harder against my chest. I squirmed beneath Phil as the warmth of his smooth flesh and active mouth stimulated my entire body. His fingers toyed with the hair on my chest as he kissed and licked his way down to my eager dripping cock.

“Oh god!” I moaned as he engulfed my cock right to the root in one quick motion.

His hand remained on my chest, sliding through the thick nest of hair to tease each nipple in turn as he pumped his hot mouth on my shaft. Moans and groans fell from my lips in a constant stream as Phil sucked and slurped on my throbbing cock. I’d never felt pleasure like Phil was giving and, all too soon it became too much, I exploded, filling his mouth with spurt after spurt. I grabbed Phil’s head and bucked my hips in the throes of the strongest orgasm I’d ever experienced. Every muscle in my body clenched and clenched at the same time and I could hardly breathe as hot cum pulsed through my cock.

Phil held on for dear life as I thrashed and bucked, continuing to suck and swallow through it all. After cleaning the last drop of cum from my spent shaft, Phil kissed his way up my body until our lips came together for another long passionate kiss. His smooth body felt good pressed against my own, not the same as the silky softness of a girl but, still good. Our kisses were less urgent now, having satisfied our immediate lust. Our naked bodies pressed together as our hands explored and our quickly recovering members rubbed against each other.

Though kissing had never been part of my fantasies about men, I was loving this prolonged make-out session with Phil. The friction of our heated flesh pressed together, the touch of Phil’s lips and tongue, his hot cock against my own, all felt amazing and was making me hotter than I’d ever been with a woman. The weight of Phil’s body pressing down on me and his voracious lips and tongue were sending my senses into overdrive. My hands roamed over his body, marveling at the feel of firm muscles beneath smooth skin.

“You’re so hot, I want to feel you inside me,” Phil whispered, nibbling on my ear. “Mmm yes, I want to fuck you too,” I moaned in response and squeezed his firm round ass. Phil rose up on his knees and I slipped out from under him. I started to move around behind him, then remembered something I’d read in Penthouse magazine. “Hang on, we need lube. I’ll be right back,” I said as I turned and ran to the bathroom.

When I returned with a jar of vaseline, Phil was sitting with his legs spread and stroking his big cock. As I approached, he turned and knelt on the couch leaning his forearms on the back and smiled back at me over his shoulder. I ran my hand over the round globes of his tight bubble butt and he pushed back. His ample round cheeks opened exposing his small puckered opening.

I traced the opening with the tip of my finger, causing Phil to gasp and arch his back. I spread a large dollop of Vaseline around his pucker and added a little pressure as my finger continued circling. I added more Vaseline and bent down to kiss his pale shoulder as my finger penetrated him.

“Oh, yes,” Phil breathed, pushing back against my invading digit.

I pumped my finger in his hot tight ass as I reached between his legs to find his thick cock hard and throbbing. I slowly stroked Phil’s cock and eased a second greasy finger into his tight ass. He moaned and arched his back further and I felt him loosening around my probing fingers. Releasing his hard cock, I moved up to kiss his parted lips while adding another finger to the two already working his hot hole. My hard throbbing cock brushed his warm thigh and I feared I would cum from that slight contact.

“Are you ready?” I breathlessly asked. “Ohh yeah, that feels so good. Put it in,” Phil panted. I kissed Phil before moving behind him and lubing my stiff cock with one hand while continuing to work his hot hole with the other. Phil was moaning constantly and pushing back on my fingers. I moved in, directing my pulsing flared tip to his slick opening, I let my fingers slip out as it made contact. I held his hip as pushed against his tight ring which slowly yielded to my invading member. For a moment, I thought he might be too tight for me to penetrate him but his tight ring suddenly yielded. Phil gasped as my flared tip popped past his tight entrance.

“You okay?” I asked, a bit light-headed from the feeling of his hot tight ass gripping my hard cock. “Yeah, I’m good. Sooo good. Go slow,” he answered, his voice hoarse and raspy.

Slowly, I eased my shaft into the volcanic heat of Phil’s virgin ass. The sensations originating in my cock and spreading through my body were dizzying and I felt like I could cum at any moment. The time it took for the length of my throbbing shaft to slide into Phil’s stretched sheath seemed forever as I experienced new feelings and sensations. Phil moaned as my hips met his round ass with my whole length buried inside of him.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped, “Okay?” “Mmm yeah, it feels good,” he panted.

My first few strokes were slow and steady as I wanted to feel everything and was still nervous about hurting Phil. The way his ass gripped my cock made it hard to hold back, but I was afraid I’d cum way too soon if I let loose and started pounding him like I wanted to. Judging by the sounds Phil was making and the way he pushed back on my cock, it was good for him too. I held his hips as I increased the tempo of my thrusts and we both started moaning and grunting. The familiar pull started in my balls and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” I cried out, slamming into Phil’s tight ass hard as my orgasm hit me, depositing my hot load deep in his bowels.

A loud grunt spilled from Phil’s lips, his body began to shake, his ass spasmed around my twitching cock, and I realized he was cumming as well. Our bodies heaved and shook amid a symphony of moans and shouts as we rode out the waves of our mutual orgasm. I collapsed on Phil’s sweaty back, my breath coming in gasps as my spent cock continued to twitch within his tight ass.

As my breathing slowed, my cock slipped out of Phil’s used hole and I rolled onto the couch beside him. We shared an awed look, neither of us spoke as Phil moved to straddle my lap and pressed his lips to mine once again. Our immediate desires being sated, we kissed without urgency, enjoying the warmth of our naked flesh pressed together. Our hands roamed in an unhurried exploration of our bodies.

After a prolonged session of kissing and groping, our energy began to return and we broke apart to clean up and re-hydrate before moving to the bedroom for some more exploration.

I gulped the last of my water and set the empty glass on the nightstand as I felt Phil’s hands on my hips. He stepped in close behind me, wrapping his arms around me to reach my semi-hard shaft. His chest pressed against my back and his thick cock nestled in my crack as his fingers wrapped around my thickening tool. I shuddered at his warm embrace and leaned into his body. He kissed my neck and lightly bit my ear.

“Is it my turn to fuck you now?” he breathed in my ear. My cock twitched in his hand and my body filled with lust and fear at the thought of being skewered by his huge cock. “Mmmm I want to, so bad, but I don’t know, your cock is so big. I don’t know if I can,” I answered, turning to look into his deep blue eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. Just trust me,” he smiled and kissed me as he ground against my ass. My cock had become rock hard at the prospect of fulfilling a long-time fantasy and lust overcame fear as I leaned forward, placing my hands on the bed and pushing my ass against Phil’s rapidly stiffening member. “Just go slow, okay?” I answered, practically shaking with nervous excitement. “Just relax and trust me, it’s going to feel so good,” Phil reassured.

He continued stroking my impossibly hard cock as I felt his warm lips and tongue on my shoulder blade and his other hand on my firm ass. His teeth scraped my flesh as a finger slid between my cheeks, causing me to flinch as it touched my puckered opening. I gasped and leaned further down, causing my ass to spread wider for him. His hot mouth traveled over my back, kissing, licking, and nibbling my heated flesh as the finger circled and teased my hole. Every touch served to heighten my desire.

Much to my dismay, the hand stroking my rampant erection went away. Then I felt something slick and greasy being applied to my ass and knew I was about to be penetrated by a hard cock for the first time. I had fantasized about this many times while masturbating, now that it was happening, I was torn between deep desire and uncertainty. As my brain vacillated between pushing on and backing out, Phil’s finger slid easily into my greasy pucker.

I gasped at the sensation of somebody else’s finger penetrating my body and pushed back, welcoming the intruder. I bent even lower, laying my head and chest on the bed while locking my knees to push my ass high in the air. Phil’s mouth continued roaming over my back as his finger twisted and stroked within me slick.

Phil took his time, stretching my ass to accommodate his large organ, adding one, then two fingers. His fingers felt so good as they worked to open me up, I was practically panting with need when he asked if I was ready for his cock.

“God, yes I’m ready. Fuck me,” I panted.

Phil’s fingers pumped my ass, twisting and turning, as I heard him stroking his cock to get it well coated with Vaseline. His fingers slipped out of my slick opening and were immediately replaced with the thick head of his big cock. There was some pressure as it pushed past my tight ring, but Phil had done such a good job of preparing me, there was no pain. I relaxed and pushed back, sliding more of him inside my stretched hole.

“Oh fuck, yes,” I moaned. Phil held my hips and pushed a little deeper, that’s when the pain hit. I shouted and tried to pull away, but Phil held me in place. “Just wait, it’ll pass,” he said, and he was right, the pain soon faded and he pushed again.

Phil was just as patient penetrating me as he had been in loosening me up with his fingers. He slowly pushed more of his length into me then waited for me to adjust before pushing a little further. A few times, he pulled back some then pushed back in and out before penetrating further. A few times I was sure I was going to be ripped in half, but when he pushed in with a groan and I felt his hips against my ass, I knew his full length was inside me. There was no more pain, only a feeling of being stuffed full. Phil held still with his cock buried in my ass.

“You okay?” Phil asked. “Mmm yeah, I’m okay,” I answered, grinding my ass against his hips and moaning at the sensations of his thick cock shifting inside me.

Phil groaned, taking ahold of my hips and slowly withdrew. I moaned at the feel of his hard shaft sliding back out of my stretched bowels. With just the wide flared tip remaining inside me, he reversed direction and slowly pushed all the way back in. A long low moan fell from my lips as Phil’s thick hard rod sent tingling waves of pleasure straight to the base of my own hard leaking cock. Several long slow strokes had me begging for him to fuck me harder. Phil’s grip on my hips tightened and the pace of his thrusts grew faster.

“Oh fuck, yes! Fuck me, Phil. Give me that cock,” I shouted, reaching between my legs to grab my hard cock.

Phil began thrusting harder and faster, slamming his thick cock into my greedy clutching hole. The sound of his hips smacking my ass as he drove me into the mattress mixed with our moaning, grunting, and shouting created a deafening symphony of pure lust. With a loud wail, my ass clamped around the shaft filling it and a flood of hot sperm erupted from my twitching cock. As my body spasmed in orgasm, Phil shouted and slammed his big cock home, filling me with his own scalding cream.

I collapsed on the bed with Phil on top of me, his cock still twitching in my ass. We were both out of breath, covered in sweat, and completely spent. After a moment’s rest, Phil pulled his spent cock from my used hole and flopped on his back beside me.

“That was amazing, better than I ever thought it would be,” I said, running my hand across his heaving chest.

Phil responded by running his fingers through my hair and pulling me in for a kiss. I could feel his cum leaking out of me as we held each other and drifted off to sleep.

After a few hours of sleep and a shared shower, we made our way to the kitchen and ate like starving hyenas. We spent the evening watching movies while kissing, licking, and sucking each other before ending the night with Phil’s big cock depositing a second creamy load deep in my bowels.

The following morning, my parents called to say the roads had been cleared and they were on their way home. This gave me just enough time to fuck Phil again before grabbing a shower and straightening up the house. Phil’s dad came to pick him up and got a tow truck to get his car out of the ditch.

Phil was going to be without a car while it was being repaired, so I generously offered to let him ride to school with me until it was fixed. An offer he was happy to accept. It was difficult to hide our new relationship at school but, we managed to sneak in more than a few risky couplings without being found out.

That time spent with Phil answered a lot of questions and I was never confused about my sexuality after that. I knew for sure I liked having sex with women as well as men. It did spark some new fantasies however, that would be just as tricky to bring about but, I felt quite confident I could find a way.