Grindr Quotes That Are A Turnoff!

As accepting as we gays try to be, or not, we all have our pet peeves and for some reason a lot of these peeves are realized when speaking to individuals online. Grindr definitely does not fall short of that. Some blame it on the digital era, saying that we as individuals have forgotten how to to introduce, or simply speak, to individuals face to face. Whether true or not, some simply need to be educated on what is and is not appropriate or cute to say to a total stranger!

Queerty’s Dan Clarendon published a piece listing some hilarious quotes that stand the test of time and of course, gave his reasonings as to why they are epically ridiculous. Check em out.

“‘I want love — not just sex, but someone to make memories with and spend my whole life with.’ And then when you message them, they go, ‘Hey, you down to f*ck or what?’ I’m pretty sure that’s what we call mixed signals.”

“‘Quality guys only.’ Never mind the fact that ‘quality’ is highly subjective, but you do you.

“‘No pic, no reply’ It’s even funnier if the profile pic is anything but their face. No one’s going to talk to your bare chest or that picture of the sea that you have as a pic. Get over yourself.”

“‘Not me on display profile.’ I’m sure there’s a completely acceptable reason why you’d use someone else’s bare chest/arms/legs instead of your own.”

“‘Deleting soon.’ There’s one in my grid that’s said that for 18 months now.”

“‘Bit shy! Message me.’ Seems super common on Tinder and it’s always the people that 1) can’t carry a conversation, 2) have absolutely no interest in meeting up. Guessing they just use the apps for validation. Learned to just swipe left to save some time and effort.”