Social media is the modern day commercial and every now and again our feeds are flooded by a particular brand, so much so that we are compelled to pull out our credit cards after that long night on the dance floor. JJ Malibu is that brand. 

Using influencers and strategic social media marketing to promote their brand, the company has risen to peak success within no time. Not only are their garments creatively sexy, they are made with care and quality as well.

JJ Malibu originally caught our attention because their marketing strategy was similar to others; like Andrew Christian, JJ Malibu capitalized off using known porn stars and social media influencers to get their name in the door of our homes, but one thing was different. Class; JJ Malibu does a good job ensuring that the quality of their garments resonates with their audience rather than being overshadowed by sexual needs.

We are beyond excited to see what is in store for this brand.