KURT PRYNNE is an attitude brand made to liberate. KURT PRYNNE creates minimalistic clothing items and accessories that come with narrative and personality. They go on to say that the idea behind an item is crucial, the message it brings is always a priority. Each product is laced with personal experience, assembled from highest quality materials, embroidered with positive attitude and sent out with a personal touch. Their collections are produced in Vilnius, distributed in Berlin and supported from Amsterdam.

KURT PRYNNE is a way to repel a sometimes-ugly reality with a smile and greet discomfort with a pinch of sarcasm. To empower. To shed light on your uncomfortable truth, so it won’t keep you cornered anymore.

KURT PRYNNE is a platform to speak about what matters, connect with like-minded people, share stories and simply live an exciting life. Follow us to dive deeper into our story.



A made-up term and a challenging statement to spark a discussion, addressing a controversial fantasy – rumor has it, all men have had a thought of being with a man from the other side of the barricades. And this is a permit for curiosity to go out and play, for the sake of fun’n’games, connection and a common ground.


An alter ego that enables you to act now, find your voice, be direct, be confident, sometimes reckless, but always the one who makes decisions and converts them into great stories later. A person we don‘t always allow ourselves to be, but secretly want to become.


In times of social media cult, one either adores or completely disowns being in a public eye. Whether you mock the idea of fake-fame or openly ask for exposure and some digital love, we believe both statements have a right to be worn on your chest.


Not suitable for love, of a complex nature, by no means favorable for affection and/or long-term relationship.

A statement, created based on a common opinion of being unbearable to live with. When the hope to change is none- existing and it is simply easier to accept the truth. Rather than running away from it, acknowledge it and set yourself free.

KURT PRYNNE brand is always presented with a fair amount of controversy and nudity, since they believe that our original, authentic look – naked body – and every body type, size, physical structure should find it’s way to be seen, praised and loved.

In a World full of TENS, where things are measured on a scale from 1 to 10, KURT PRYNNE invites to be something else – a letter of an alphabet of a way broader spectrum.

To our photo-shoots we invite real people as models and keep photo results unpolished. KURT PRYNNE products are designed to have an oversize silhouette so it would comfortably fit each body type and make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin.