The art of sport with kust.

Sportswear has always had a place in fashion, whether it’s for casual wear or for sports and athletics.

And as long as there has been sportswear there has always been sports underwear, where no matter what you are doing comfort is always key.

No matter your use; whether it’s working up a sweat in the gym or the track, kust’s variety of hand-tailored undergarments are designed for any challenge and will keep you feeling fresh throughout.

Offering a variety of styles that offer ease of movement, whilst protecting your modesty, kust’s sustainable underwear allows you to enjoy your preferred activity whilst expressing yourself to the full.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore kust.brief 01 / reedition here.

About kust. 

Inspired by the scenic coast of Sopot, the brand owner’s hometown, kust. is a premium men’s underwear brand established in 2017.

kust. cares for your male premises.

Hailing from Poland, Kust’s premium underwear is handmade from the finest organic and sustainable cotton and boasts a comfortable, tight fit for the confident and fashion conscious male – you!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Unique in its designs, kust’s silhouette is minimalistic, comfortable and durable for all body shapes. Focussed around retro aesthetics, the construction of kust’s luxury underwear are centred around the brand’s flagship square logo accompanied by a white wide soft waistband.

Premium organic cotton is your best bet.

Our brand promise is to be honest and play fair. As well as equipping your lower body with a tailored fit, kust’s high quality underwear is environmentally conscious and sources eco friendly materials from european suppliers, whilst supporting local manufacturers. Aiming to put a curb on the culture of fast fashion, kust. underwear is long-lasting and won’t need replacing for a while.

Play fair and win.

Thanks to durability and outstanding quality of kust. products will remain the same despite multiple washes, meaning no more holes and no more stretched waistbands. Breathable cotton with a touch of elastane will give you more airflow and less trapped moisture and a contoured pouch offers extra enhancement and comfort, tailored to support you on a daily basis, in sports, athletics and other vigorous activities.

About the owner

kust. was realised by Kuba Stachowiak, whose aim was to deliver a well designed product that wasn’t already in the market.

The name of the brand is an acronym formed from the first two letters of his name and surname. In dutch kust. means coast, making it ideal as this perfectly mirrors Kuba’s childhood growing up in Sopot, a Polish coastal town that sits on the Baltic Sea.  The sea has always been his ‘thinking place’ and continues to inspire and bestow him with endless ideas.

With over 12 years experience in the luxury industry, Kuba has worked for various reputable brands and has an enhanced eye for detail, design and style.

Following a long stint working for brands the likes of Davidoff and Swarovski, Kuba finally

decided to start his own brand – and so kust. was born; a conceptual world of underwear for the fashion flaneur.

Kuba’s goal is to deliver high-quality and eco-friendly products that focus on the wearer’s comfort and are made from sustainably sourced materials which in turn support local manufactures. Something he firmly believes in.