NPNC: Are We Too Scared To Own Our Desires?

We surf “Dating” apps for many reasons; whether to hook up, find friends, or potentially meet a significant other but today’s day and age is met with an unusual amount of men not wanting to show their face. The question is why? Dumbfounded by the fact that some say its because they are DL, as if they are a local celebrity in fear of being outed to TMZ, or because they rater chat fist, as if we are going to want to engage in a week long conversation with an individual without knowing whether or not we are attracted to them. What’s the big deal?

Not all men go on these apps and hide behind a blank profile, some choose to post nothing more than a torso pic and have the expectation to meet simply off the fact that you like their body. While this may be more realistic for those looking for nothing more than a hookup, has the stigma of being on dating apps become so severe where no one wants to post a picture? The entire world knows what Grindr is; quoting it in TV shows, joking about it at work, etc. But amongst the LGBTQ community as well, we shame individuals who frequent these apps as if they are the sole deciding factor on whether or not someone is a “hoe”. Having to hide dating apps and buried folders on your phone or change their logo, these apps have become our phones hidden secret like bathhouses in the 40’s. Earlier this year the amount of torso pics as main display images became so severe that Scruff got removed from the Google Play Store and Apple’s app store, resulting in them banning the use of underwear and swimwear in your profile picture.

At the end of the day boys, show your face. If you’re not going to show your face, speak to those who dont care what you look like and for heavens sake, dont message the ones that say NPNC. The amount of men that still message regardless of the quote “NPNC” is ridiculous, and FYI everyone – NPNC means No Pic, No Chat and it implies a FACE pic.