On The Edge

Written by: Danny Galen Cooper

My father had never taken good care of the ranch and farmlands his father left him. My older brother and I talked about things when he was ten. He was reading everything he could get his hands on about ranching. Now, without bragging, I want you to know that my brother is extremely smart, but I’m smarter. I took the SATs at age 11, got my Associate’s in Crop Science by 13, and now at twenty, I have a Doctorate in Agricultural Market Theory. The farm portion of our business has been under my control for the previous four years and is running in the black.

My brother and I decided to go to the big city to celebrate. While my brother looked like a responsible man dressed up to eat at the local cafeteria, I was hot shit, if I do say so myself. My jeans were just the right amount of tight to show off my decent ass. I didn’t have one of those bubble-butts that so many guys ooh and aah over, but it was a nice, muscular one. My boots were clean. I was wearing a sleeveless T with a nicely pressed short-sleeved shirt. My pecs were visible, and my arms may not have had huge guns, but they were nicely muscular. I did more than push pencils around. I wore a pair of underwear that pushed my balls up and forward, and my almost seven-inch dick did help form a good looking package from the front. Surely some guy would look at me, bend over, and spread his ass cheeks wide as I walked by.

Although I love my big bro, and he loves me, he has known I was gay since I was nine. He knew I was looking for some ass. After he checks us into the hotel, he stops at a nearby bar and tavern. There was no way I would find what I was looking for here.

We walked in and he ordered us both whiskey and coke. I took mine and walked over to the pool table where these two scrawny looking dudes are playing a game. Another guy is watching them from the shadows. I can’t see his face, but the two who are playing are average looking dudes. They have too many tattoos on their arms and their shirts are open revealing a few splotches of chest hair.

“Interested in playing?” the blond one asked me.

“I only play with gay guys,” I said with an attitude.

“Why’s that?” asked the one with brown hair.

“Because winning at pool makes me horny, and after I whip your ass, I’ll want to fuck it.”

He laughed. “I only let guys fuck me when I’m really drunk.”

His partner looked at him. “You’ve let guys fuck you.”

“Shut up and play,” was the response.

I sat down next to the guy in the shadows to see what would transpire between the two of them. They just glared at each other between shots.

The guy next to me leaned closer to me and into the light. He was a nice looking dude. He had a nice smile and all his teeth, a rarity in the county I live in. He whispered, “You won’t have to beat me at this game to fuck me.”

I turned to him. “You got a place?”  

“The back of my truck has a mattress.”

I stood up and walked to the door. He followed me. He was a cute guy, probably about 5’7”. He walked beside me and said, “My name’s Greg.”

“I’m Evan.”

“Do you like to kiss?”

“I do, do you want one now?”

He looked up at me and smiled. He stopped at the back of an old Chevy truck with a cap on the bed. Opening the cap and leaving the tailgate up, he looked at me. “Part of the time, I want to be on my back so you can kiss me while you’re doing me. Agreed.”

I reached up and held his head and planted one right on his lips. “Someone’s been drinking tequila.”

“Get in here.”

I slid over the tailgate, and Greg closed the door. Blackout curtains covered the windows. I pulled my shoes and socks off. My new partner for the hour was already removing his clothes. I pulled condoms and lube packet from my shirt pocket and put them where I could find time before getting naked.

Greg was on his knees in front of me. I could count his ribs. I’m not sure why, but his lack of body mass made my dick twitch. I pulled him close and kissed him again. This time I used my tongue. His tongue fought back. It was a duel he was destined to lose.

He grabbed onto my cock and tugged it as he pulled himself closer and began to hump my leg. “Fuck me with this. Stick it in me.”

How could I resist a request like that? I grabbed a condom and put it on. I rubbed some extra lube on it. Then I held Greg by the ankles and lifted until he fell backward on the mattress. He put his arms above his knees, pushed them farther down and lifted his ass up to me. He grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

His manpussy was just waiting for me. I aimed some spit and it fell right on his hole. I adjusted the head of my cock against the little pucker and I pushed. Greg clenched his teeth and released a whine. “I haven’t even started, yet.”

He looked at me. There was a mix of longing and fear in his eyes. I leaned down and covered his mouth with mine. I kissed him and I pushed. I met resistance at first and then my dick slid in. Greg’s inward gasp of air sucked my tongue into his mouth. I paused and let him acclimate. His ass felt warm around my cock. He began to play with my tongue, and I pulled back on my dick before sliding it back in. He grunted his approval, and I started to fuck him in earnest.

He released my tongue and reached up to grab my ass. He pulled me hard to him. I felt my pelvis hit his; I felt my balls slap against his cheeks. Greg growled and his hole tightened. I reached down with my right hand and pumped his hard cock, then I pinched down and blocked the exit to his cum slit. He began to rock his hips up as I fucked, and then he came. I could tell his cock was straining to release his load, but the pressure from my fingers was preventing it.

A squeal came from deep within him, and I released my hold. Cum shot over his head and onto the forward wall of the truck bed. Greg’s hands were tight fists, and then he went completely limp. I slowed the rhythm of my fuck. I knew I was getting close as well, but I wanted him to feel it. I leaned forward and kissed him again. He looked up at me and smiled. I grabbed his shoulders and pumped faster. It didn’t take long before I filled the condom.

“Wow,” was what I said. “Your tongue and your hot ass are a great combination. I’m going to want you again. You have to put your number in my phone.”

He smiled again. I saw his arm move, but I didn’t feel the blade enter my abdomen. I started to feel dizzy. I heard sounds that I didn’t understand, and I felt my body hit the ground. I think I heard him drive away, and then everything went dark.