One Button At A Time

Written by: Kenderson

I’ve always been attracted to hairy guys. In particular, hairy guys in dress shirts. There’s something so sexy about a hairy chested man with an open shirt collar. It’s such a tease…catching a glimpse of the manliness tucked beneath that thin, tight layer of cotton…a total turn on.

One day last June, a very hot and humid day as I recall, I decided to take a walk during my lunch hour. It was such a beautiful day and I needed some fresh air. All morning I had been trying to keep my raging boner under control, worried someone at work might see it bulging through my tight black dress pants. I hoped that a walk would take my mind off of sex for a while so that I could return to my desk, get some work done, before returning home to jerk myself off.

The heat outside was surprisingly intense and I really wasn’t dressed for it. My tight black pants hugged my ass and crotch, and sweat started to seep through my white dress shirt. I unbuttoned the top two buttons and rolled my sleeves up my hairy forearms in an attempt to cool off somewhat. Every so often, a light breeze offered some relief, but not enough. I was starting to regret my decision to head outdoors and realized at that moment it would be another 10 minutes or so before I was back at the office. How far had I walked? My mind had been so preoccupied with sex, I hadn’t really paid much attention to where I was going. I walked slowly but surely in attempt to keep the sweat at bay. I could feel my pulse throbbing in my temples, as small beads of sweat began to drip down my face. The sun was gorgeous but the June heat was stifling.

I approached a crosswalk at a busy intersection and waited for the light to turn. Suddenly, I felt the presence of someone behind me, also waiting. I slowly turned to catch a glance and there he was…the man of my dreams…dripping with sexiness.

He stood about 6 feet tall and looked like he might be Arab…Turkish, perhaps? Dark, beautiful olive skin and thick, jet black hair. His lips were perfect and he had the most astonishing white teeth. He was obviously headed to or from his office like me, because he was wearing a blue collared dress shirt and tight, grey slacks. With only one button undone, I could see a sampling of soft, thick black chest hair along with a small, gold chain. A small bead of perspiration sat just below his Adam’s apple…hugging his neck…refusing to fall into the forest of fur below. He smiled at me, and used his left arm to reach around and scratch his back. Sweat marked his underarm. He oozed masculinity.

I stared. I couldn’t help it. He must have known in an instant what I was staring at because he immediately started to lift his hand towards his shirt collar and began to slowly rub his neck. First, from behind. A look of relief on his face as he stretched his taught neck and shoulder muscles. Then, around front. His fingers slowly played with his collar, every now and then rubbing some of the manly chest hair that revealed itself in the hot, sticky sun. He pulled lightly on his chain and looked deep into my eyes with two of the most intense, chestnut brown eyes I’ve ever seen.

“Hot as hell today,” he said.

I replied, “Yes…incredibly hot.” He surveyed me from top to bottom and grinned slyly.

“We’re both looking a bit worse for wear. I don’t know about you, but I can’t go back to the office looking like this,” he said. “Why don’t you come over to my flat to freshen up?”

I had no words. I froze in place…my feet were cemented to the ground…my mouth felt like it was sealed shut. Sensing I was interested, but nervous as hell, he looked at me once again and said, rather commandingly, “Follow me, sir.”

We crossed the street and for the next few minutes I followed him intently, my eyes never leaving his tight, plump ass tucked into his dress pants. A strip of wetness seeped down the back of his cotton shirt. Every now and then he’d turn around to check I was following. My cock was like a compass, and he was the North Pole.

We arrived at his flat and quickly entered into a charming, one room bachelor with a large king size bed to the right of the doorway. The sheets were black and dishevelled. I was surveying my surroundings when he appeared directly in front of me. “Are you left or right handed,” he said in a matter-of-fact manner.

“Left,” I said. He reached out for my left hand and held it firmly as he raised it up towards his shirt collar.

“I know what you want,” he teased, and began guiding my fingers to the top of his collar. “One button at a time,” he said. I complied. I popped the first button and as I did, I could feel a bead of pre-cum forming on the head of my cock. I popped one more button before sliding my hand under his shirt to feel the forest I’d been eyeing since I first saw him. It was soft, thick, luxurious, wet and warm. I found my way to his nipple and began to tease it with my fingers. He moaned and turned to give me a deep, wet kiss on the lips. He tasted like fresh coffee. As I continued to unbutton his shirt, more and more of his manly chest was exposed for my viewing and tasting pleasure. I spent several minutes going from nipple to nipple, wetting each one with my tongue in slow, small circles and teasing them with my teeth. I thought this was the ultimate fantasy come true, but what came next was out of this world.

As his shirt came off over his muscular shoulders, he placed my hands on his belt and whispered, “Time for your surprise, sir. It’s my gift to you.” As I unbuckled his belt and began to lower his pants, I felt a cool fabric that was super soft to the touch. Silk! Not only was he sporting a tight, red pair of silk man briefs, there were three buttons on the front, nearly bursting open under the weight of his man meat. I got down on my knees and slowly opened each of the three buttons with my teeth. The fabric was getting moist where the tip of his head touched the silk, and after two of the buttons opened, a thick, curly black bush began to emerge. I teased open the last button and his cock practically exploded out of the silk briefs and into the air in front of me. The smell of sweet sweat and musky cologne filled the air. I opened my mouth wide and began to massage his thick, generous uncut cock. My tongue found its way under his foreskin and he moaned in pure pleasure. As I looked up at him, he gripped his nipples tight and began thrusting in my mouth. He tasted so good and his foreskin was just loose enough to allow my tongue the freedom to play with his head while pulling it back and forth.

After a while, he began to signal he was ready for something different. He turned his back to me and exposed his beefy, hairy ass. His hole gleamed with sweat and begged me to taste it. I didn’t hesitate and spent what felt like an hour rimming and exploring his beautiful specimen of an ass. My briefs were so full of pre-cum at this point I opted to take them off while still in my sweaty, unbuttoned dress shirt. He moaned and moaned as my tongue teased his wet, juicy hole. “Fuck yes, sir. Fuck me with your dirty mouth.” He ordered me to go deeper and deeper. I happily obliged. My tongue travelled further and further into his manly, hairy hole. It puckered with pleasure.

Suddenly he was standing up again. His cock shot out 90 degrees from his body, pulsing with excitement. He spat on his hand, lathered my cock, and told me to lay down on my back. He then climbed on top, his feet wrapped around my ankles and his head resting on my shoulder, and began to drop his full weight on my lubed up cock. He was ready for a good fuck, and so was I.

He absorbed my full length and girth in the first few thrusts and began to ride my shaft like an untamed beast, grabbing at his nipples and teasing them in pleasure. His sweaty chest hair glistened in the light and I teased my hands through it, grabbing and tugging as I went. As he rode me, his cock flipped and flopped from side to side. He turned his head to kiss me and chew on my ears, moaning sweet pleasure all the while. “Your turn. Grab my nipples and pull nice and hard for me.” I did as he asked, grabbing his left nipple and using my other hand to feel the warmth of his furry bush, his cock slapping from side to side. “Nice and deep in my hole, sir. Fuck yes! I love it! Fuck me deep!”

I grabbed his waist as he sat up and down on me, every now and then opening my eyes to see the slightest hint of budding hair on his back. A real man, through and through. His thick muscled legs gave him the strength to ride my cock vigorously until I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I wanted him to keep thrusting in and out of me forever but my cock was primed for an eruption. I came inside of him, crying out with pleasure and reaching around his waist to grab hold of his chest hair while it shot out of me into his warm cavity.

He continued to ride me until he let out a steady stream of cum, which landed in his soft belly hair until I took it between my fingers and tasted the sweet salty goodness. He tasted it, too, then turned to kiss me again passionately. We lay there together for a few minutes, sweating like mad and catching our breath. He let me stay inside of him until we decided to get up. I stayed hard the entire time, the last few drops of cum oozing out of me and into his furry, moist ass. His hole wore me like a tight sweater and I didn’t want to disrobe. I could have laid there forever.

I don’t remember much about our goodbye that day. He offered to clean my clothes and make me a tea while I waited but I just gathered my things and left, kissing his cherry lips on my way out and thanking him for all of those buttons.

Rather than go back to work, I walked the whole way home. I stripped off my clothes, grabbed a beer, and stepped into a cold shower, not quite sure what had just happened. “That was so surreal,” is all I could think. I smiled and tweaked my nipple before grabbing a bar of soap. Instead of using it to clean myself, I lathered my fingers and pleasured myself deep inside, recounting the hot afternoon I’d just had and cumming once again into a steady stream of water.