Tom Selmon multimedia artist who works primarily with photography and film. Tom has spent many years working with, and being inspired by, the queer community in Brighton, London and Beijing. 

From 2014-2015 Tom documented queer London nightlife, shooting amongst the rise of the queer generation we know today. Having spent the next two years working in Beijing, Tom became integrated within the LGBTQ community and that enabled him to document an honest portrayal of queer life in China. 

Tom is currently based in London where he have recently started a zine called UN-FOLD. A platform that celebrates the art of nudity, eroticism and how the beauty of raw physicality can create such a delicate imagery.

Prints by Tom Selmon showcases a collection of unique, original and affordable prints, that specializes in fine art and queer documentary work. All of his images are driven by the beauty that lies with in performance, queer beauty, nudity and eroticism. 

When asked why he started “Prints by Tom Selmon”, Tom stated “For the past 12 years I have just constantly been shooting, rarely for a publication, just purely for my passion for image making. And to be honest, a lot of my images were just sitting there not being seen! So I decided that the best platform for my work would be through a print shop, where people who also share my passion for queer art, can enjoy my high quality, original work at an affordable price.”