Q&A with photographer Pawel Spychalski

Based out of Warsaw Poland, Pawel Spychalski captures models in some of their most intimate and sexy moments. Capturing the attention of thousands online, Barbequeer had to sit down with the talented photographer to see how his experience in the world of fine-art photography has been.

Name: Paweł Spychalski

Age: 45

Location: Warsaw Poland

Years in the industry: 8

Self-taught or formal training? Self-taught . I don’t believe in artistic schools…how something so subjective as art is can be judge?

How did you get into photography? My sister, a photographer in AU, got pregnant and during one of her bad days she said, “take the camera and get out of my eyes because i’ll kill You”, hormones obviously lol. I took the camera and never got it back to her. I’ve been falling in-love with the idea of showing others how i view the world.

Describe your working style:  Natural, refusing to conform to norms. My way or no way lol.

What has been your best experience so far? Every photoshoot  is a unique adventure; Different people, histories, passion. I love to work with people. 

What has been your worst experience so far? My worst experience thus far has been being disappointed by people who I trust in industry – So often they forget about past help and for me that is a huge disappointment as for me, the help came from the heart.

What has been a career highlight for you? Models from all over world coming to Poland to work with me because they respect my work..I had models from USA, AU, Colombia, Dominicana just last year.

How do you define a great photographer? Someone who can show the best side of the object – no matter landscape, people or architecture.

Final note: Whats next for you? Trip to my beloved Australia to visit my family (my father and sister are aussie), to work with wild nature and interesting people.