RUPAUL: We’re pretty diverse

RuPaul’s Drag Race was awarded its sixth Emmy this past Sunday but its triumphant moment was beaten down as the crew made their way to the stage to collect their award for Best Reality-Competition Program. As an advocate and ally for social issues at large, many couldn’t help but notice that Ru was alongside a largely white, cisgender male crew. Having preached how hard he had to work as a young, black, gay male many are beginning to question why Rupaul’s efforts to uplift minorities doesn’t seem to stem past the show itself. Rupaul has been confronted many times about this issue; in the past many Drag Race alumni, including the infamously outspoken Tyra Sanchez, have stated that RuPaul is in-fact a racist and plays to the “white-mans game” in order to achieve success. While that may be an intense accusation to make, the question of how far RuPaul is willing to go to support those in need still remains at the forefront of his success.

While accepting the award Essence reporter Danielle Young asked Ru about the noticeable lack of diversity and his response was interesting to say the least; having laughed off the question with sarcastic humor, people felt as though he didn’t really answer the question but rather made the question all about himself. See video here,

Ru responded first by interrupting Young to make joke about how he supports the “BLT community.” When he finally got around to actually addressing Young’s concerns, he avoided acknowledging the lack of diversity among his show’s crew by instead pointing out his own visibility: “Well, first of all, the host of our show is Black, gay, and a drag queen. So check, check, and check!” He continued, “But we’re pretty diverse, there are lots of different types of people here. But is it important? Absolutely. You know, I grew up … I had to fight … I feel like I’m about to quote a movie right now,” Ru said. “It wasn’t easy getting here. You know what I had to do!”

“I love myself from bacon, lettuce, tomato,” – RuPaul.

Young was clearly unimpressed…