Sidewalk Preachers Say They Want to ‘Take a Sword’ to Gays

In a new video posted to YouTube, preachers from a religious sect have expressed a desire to put a sword to queer people.

Captured on the streets of Dalston in East London, the video was posted on a YouTube channel for The Church of Yahawashi. The organization is an extremist sect of Black Hebrew Israelites. In the video, the preachers say that their main channel was recently deactivated. They then went on to threaten LGBTQ+ people.

“There’s a lot of stupid people here,” the main preacher in the footage says, referring to Dalston. “Because we’ve just come out of the — I don’t know if it’s a pub or a slash restaurant. We had two faggots in there that we’ve had to keep eyes on because certain brothers, most of the brothers, no actually all of the brothers, we don’t like faggots.” Brothers surrounding him chime in with their agreement.

“But some brothers reserve their comment because they want to be doing slaying,” he continued. “Really they want to put a sword to you.”

“That’s right,” one responds. “Teach!”

The rest of the video follows along similar lines. It says that the sect’s other YouTube channel being banned is a sign that we are in a famine of the word of God. They also go on to say that the contravirus is the plague, and that they are looking forward to the day that they can punish the Black women who did not obey them by “chopping their fucking heads off.”

The full video is almost 30 minutes long and has since been removed from youtube.