Like watching a reality singing competition, there is always one that humbly snatches your soul; Skull & Bones. Skull & Bones mission is to give men more than just a flashy selection of undergarments and they sure hit the nail on the head of that coffin… which contains a fully nude male, in need of a good Skull & Bones pajama suit. 

After researching more on the brand, we realized that they take extreme pride in not following trends; thick, branded waist bands, restructured crotch areas, etc. For this reason, and this reason alone, we decided to dive in and see if they had the talk to walk the walk.

We decided to open this box as a team, why? Simply because we wanted to gauge the reactions in the room rather than have opinions wavered by critiques. Immediate reactions to the garments were quite unanimous, with almost everyone saying that they are not only cute but flashy as well, to saying that they loved the fact that the brand followed traditional ideas for comfort. On the other hand, one gentleman in the room stated that they weren’t sexy enough; he went on to silence himself after seeing the mission statement for the brand.

While decisions were split, due to one individual who prefers to go nude under his jeans, we felt as though Skull & Bones does a stellar job at creating comfort while bringing creativity. They not only bring back prints and designs known for youth, but they implement a subtle hint of sex appeal as well.  


PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexander Jamall
GROOMER: Robson Oliveira
MODELS: Cody Blond & Tayler Loft