Spotting Shane

Written by: susynoid

A few years back my company transferred me to San Diego to work on a new contract we had just won from the government. I decided to bring my girlfriend Samantha along and move in with me, something my friends and co-workers told me I was crazy to do. Although Sam is extremely hot and very fit, they told me it was like bringing candy to the candy store. They couldn’t have been righter and it was a move I would soon come to regret.

I consider myself bi-curious and even though my preferences definitely lean towards the female of the species, I appreciate good looking, fit people regardless of their gender. California is full of beautiful people, both men and women, and with that comes all sorts of opportunity and temptation. I was content living with Samantha at first, the sex was great and I thought we might even eventually settle down and get married. That is, until I met my new friend Shane at the gym.

I work out at a chain fitness center in San Diego not too far from my office where I’m employed as an aerospace program manager. Most of my lunch hours are spent there lifting weights with work colleagues and checking out the eye candy. Shane and I met in the weight room one day when of all things, he asked me to spot for him on the bench press. I had noticed him in there fairly often and could tell he was in great shape. I’m not sure why he asked me to spot for him but I am certainly glad he did.

Shane is shorter than me with a gymnast’s build, which is what he was in college. He has well defined arms and legs and a tight hard ass that any man or woman would envy. He’s a great looking and sexy guy and I admire how hard he works to keep that chiseled physique. Little did I know how much my admiration of his body would grow for him!

After my workout that day I said goodbye and headed off for the locker room to shower and change and then go back to work. The gym had a community shower with a half dozen or so shower heads. I was in there rubbing body wash on myself when I looked up and saw Shane come in and take one of the showers directly opposite from me. I couldn’t help but notice his long penis swaying as he walked in.

As we showered, he wasn’t looking my way so I discretely started checking him out. He is powerfully built with well-defined deltoids, biceps and triceps, a v-shaped upper body with six-pack abs that led to his powerful legs and a very luscious looking dimpled ass that looked hard enough to crush walnuts between his cheeks.

Between his legs hung one of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen. It seemed inordinately big for a guy his size. Soft, it had to be seven or eight inches long, with a big helmet-shaped head and two impressive balls suspended below the thick shaft. To accentuate it, he had a nice little tattoo of a couple of cherries on his lower abdomen right beside his big dick.

As I gazed at his nice penis and ass and fantasized, I felt a stirring in my loins as my own dick began to get hard. When I looked up, he was staring at me intently. He gazed down at my hardening dick and then smiled and winked at me! Mortified and my head spinning, I quickly turned back under the shower and was doing everything I could to keep my cock from going to a full raging hard-on.

I turned the water to ice-cold which helped but, I still ended up having to walk to my towel with my cock half hard…no easy feat considering one of my work colleagues was also in the shower at the time. Embarrassed, I quickly got dressed and grabbed my gym bag and headed out the door to go back to my office.

As I walked through the parking lot I saw a yellow Jeep with the top off rapidly approaching and it pulled up beside me and came to screeching halt. There was Shane in beach attire, his standard uniform of the day. I was in my standard uniform – a shirt and tie.

“Hey, where you headed?” he asked inquired as he purposely raised his left leg and rested it on the door jamb of the open Jeep.

When he did this, his very loose-fitting shorts rode up his thigh and offered a glimpse inside. I saw his boxers first, then peeking out from under the fabric was the head of his cock and the first few inches of his now hard shaft laying on his leg. It was huge — much bigger than what had seen in the shower. It had a purple head and was very thick in diameter from what I could see.

The slit was leaking pre-cum and it literally collected in a pool on his leg until it ran down on the inside of his thigh. Thoughts ran through my head of running my tongue on his inner thigh to lick up the trail of juices that ran freely. My cock leapt to attention as I looked, no, stared at his fat swollen dick oozing nectar.

Without taking my eyes off his cock, I tried to answer his question as I stumbled over the words.

“Um, I was uh – just gonna, uh, go back to work.”

With the Jeep idling, Shane had a shit-eating grin on his face as he just sat and stared at me through his Wayfarers before speaking.

“Jump in, I’ll give you a ride.”

Without saying a word, I threw my gym bag in the back and jumped into the passenger side as he roared off through the parking lot. By now I had a pretty good tent going as Shane gazed over and gave an approving smile. He never bothered to ask where I worked and I didn’t bother telling him because I was pretty sure of what was going to happen next.

As he drove, Shane reached over and put his hand on my lap, grabbing my cock through my suit pants. I moaned softly as he felt the head and hard shaft, then he went for my balls. My own boxers felt damp and I knew I was producing my own pre-cum load. I put my head back and closed my eyes as he switched from shifting gears on his Jeep to working my own gear shifter, rubbing my hard rod as we went.

I opened my eyes when he pulled into the underground parking at his nearby apartment complex and navigated into an empty space, the garage deserted as it was midday. As soon as he pulled into the parking space, he shut off the engine and leaned over and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to him and gave me a long passionate kiss.

I was shocked at first, but our lips locked and our tongues started exploring each other’s mouth. Although I had never kissed another man on the lips, this came naturally to me. His lips were soft and he was a great kisser. So here we were in an open Jeep in his garage and I’m making out with a guy like a horny teenager.

I was absolutely overcome with lust and desire for this man and really didn’t care if anyone saw us. As we kissed my hand found its way under his shorts to his now throbbing cock. It was so big I couldn’t wrap my hand completely around it. Though hard, it was velvety smooth with angry veins pulsing in my hand.

He was dripping precum and his cock was getting quite lubricated as I jerked his shaft up and down inside his shorts. I used my fingers to collect some of his precum from his piss slit and brought them up to our mouths as we paused kissing long enough to taste the sweetness coating my fingers. Our tongues quickly met again as we both tasted his juices. It was electrifying as my own cock threatened to rip through the fabric of my pants.

Shane broke off our kiss and said, “C’mon, let’s go up to my apartment.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’s no problem. My roommate’s out and he won’t be back for a while.”

“Perfect,” I replied, a big smile on my face to go with my big hard-on.

With that, we jumped out and I followed him up the stairwell to his place.

We couldn’t get into his apartment fast enough as Shane fumbled with his keys at the door. As soon as we entered his apartment and shut the door we were at each other like a couple of hungry animals. We grabbed each other and rammed our tongues in each other’s mouths and were kissing furiously.

I grabbed his ass and couldn’t believe how tight his buns were. They were definitely as hard as they looked in the shower. I cupped his cheeks and pulled him into me and could feel his gigantic boner rub against mine. It was an incredible feeling as we stood there kissing and grinding our crotches together.

He broke the kiss first and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the couch. He sat down as I stood there in front of him. Then his hand went for my pants and he started to unfasten my belt as I ripped my tie off and started unbuttoning my shirt. He unsnapped by pants and unzipped me and my pants fell to the floor. Then he tore off his tee-shirt and shorts so he was naked sitting there on his couch.

All at once he grabbed my boxers and yanked them down to my ankles allowing my hard cock to spring free. He looked at it for a moment and then wasting no time, he grasped it at the base with his hand and held it for a moment.

“Very nice,” he said as he squeezed my shaft in his fist forcing a droplet of precum from the tip. “When I saw you checking me out in the shower I was hoping I would get to taste your dick.”

Shane guided the head into his mouth and wrapped his tongue around the head of my prick. His eyes were closed and then he let go of the shaft and engulfed every inch of me down to my pubes and he started deep-throating me.

Shane sucked my penis like the expert that he was. He grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into his throat and I was now fucking his face like no pussy I had ever had before. I thought he would gag but he had obviously had a cock in his mouth before and didn’t skip a beat as my balls pounded off his chin.

Drool was dripping out of his mouth as he furiously sucked me, my knees shaking and trembling. I felt my balls tighten and knew I was close — he did too because he grabbed my cock by the base and held it tight and started running his tongue over the swollen mushroom head and tasted the juice coming from the slit. His lips were only around the head as he made love to my cock head, pausing occasionally to run his tongue all around it.

I was standing there with my legs apart and was moaning now. I wanted him to stop so I wouldn’t come so quickly but he wasn’t having anything to do with that. My cock and balls were soaked with a mix of his saliva and my precum as he pumped my cock with his hand, aiming the head towards his open mouth.

His other hand found its way under my balls towards my asshole and he began rubbing the outer edge with his now slick fingers. One finger circled my hole and teased it, barely dancing and diving inside then pulling out as he continued pumping my engorged cock. He finally slid his finger in, penetrating my tight virgin hole with ease.

It was electrifying and shocking as my inexperienced sphincter quickly enveloped his digit in self-defense as he pushed further inside me. As he reached the hilt with two knuckles buried in my ass, my legs buckled and I lost control as the most intense orgasm of my life unfolded.

I started to fall back wards but he pulled me closer, his hand fisted around my blood engorged tool pumping it when I let loose with a torrent of cum that blasted him in his face despite his open mouth.

It caught him with surprise but he pointed my cock towards his mouth as the second jet splattered off his tongue, ricocheting to the back of his throat. My spasms kept coming as three more jets of hot molten semen shot from my cock head as he continued to coax more from me. My legs shaking now as a couple of more streams spewed from my throbbing dick.

He gulped and tried to swallow what he could but it came too fast for Shane to capture the onslaught of my semen tsunami in his wanting mouth and some of the cum leaked freely from the corners of his mouth. I finally stopped cumming and I stood there quaking as he took my deflating penis in his mouth to lick the rest of the sticky mess from the head and shaft, pausing to lick some stray cum from my balls.

I sank to my knees in front of Shane, exhausted but wanting to kiss him now. I grasped the sides of the head I had just fucked so furiously and brought him towards me. His face was like a glazed donut and I could smell the sweetness of my seed as I brought his face closer and we kissed. I tasted myself on his lips as my tongue entered his mouth collecting what cum remained that he hadn’t swallowed.

I knew where I was going next as I kissed the nape of Shane’s neck and worked my way to his shapely pec’s and nipples to lick up the semen that had escaped his mouth and dripped onto them. They were wet with both his saliva and my cum as my tongue gently flickered over his hard nipple and pec as I mopped up the love mixture.

My hand found his neglected cock and it felt humongous as I wrapped my hand around his thick shaft. Fully erect, it was at least several more inches longer than what it was soft. His prick felt slick and hard as I slowly pumped it, eliciting soft moans from him.

Less than an hour before, I had seen him naked for the first time and now I was holding Shane’s massive throbbing cock in my hand and was about to taste a man’s penis for the first time.

It was without question the biggest piece of meat I had ever seen as I lowered my head to take the velvety head into my mouth. That alone stretched my lips as I began sucking the first few inches of his cock. His precum was flowing freely as he arched his hips off the couch trying to get more of his dick into my mouth and nearly gagging me.

Although I have no experience sucking dick, I know what feels good to me and I’m a willing pupil so I grasped his cock at the shaft and went to town on his thick rod. Since there was no way I was going to deep throat him as he had done me, I did my best to run my tongue around his engorged cockhead. I could take the first 5-6 inches of his beast into my mouth and would then pause to run my tongue up his piss-slit, collecting what man-juice was available.

I could tell that he must have had a massive load stored up because along the underside of his cock, my tongue traced the bulging trail of his urethra from his head all the way to the storage tanks in his balls. It was a ridge begging to be emptied and I knew I was in store for something I had never experienced before.

I continued to lick the underside of his cock, paying special attention to the swollen balls beneath him. I took in his male aroma, absorbing it into my lungs and making me want him even more. I was ravenous for his huge swollen member as I pumped it in my hand while I sucked his balls into my mouth and bathed them with my tongue.

Shane lay back on the couch and moved his ass towards me to give me better access to his balls. Then he pulled his knees back towards his chest exposing his smooth hairless asshole to me for the first time.

As I looked at his tight brown hole, my saliva dripped off his balls and traveled into the crevasse of his ass making it slick and inviting. I leaned in and spread his ass cheeks farther apart and began tonguing his puckered hole.

“Oh, fuck yeah…that feels good,” he moaned as I made long passes at his hot little hole with my tongue.

I flicked his hole with my tongue tip, then ran it across his perineum to his balls, pausing to lick them before running it up the underside of his big dick to take in the pre-cum oozing from his glans. Each time I made the long pass with my tongue he would moan so I knew I was doing something he really enjoyed.

As I took the head of his cock in my mouth, my fingers went for his slick asshole and I gently pushed my index finger inside. With my tongue slathering his smooth cock head, I began fucking him as I pushed in as far as I could go, first with just one, then two fingers as his hungry hole easily took them in. He started bucking his hips, both to get more of his meat into my mouth and my fingers deeper into his ass.

With my lips encasing his glans in my mouth, I bobbed my head up and down as far as I could on his shaft as I held the base in my left and continued to work his ass with the other. When he put both his hands on my head and picked up the pace of trying to fuck my mouth, I knew he was getting close to cumming.

His hand went to his slick shaft and he started pumping it into my mouth and I felt the palm of his other hand on my forehead when he suddenly pushed my mouth away from his cock.

“Ungh…I’m gonna cum…unnnnggggghhhh!”

I never let up finger-fucking him as his body started shaking and he started ejaculating, the muscles of his sphincter now clenched around my digits. His cock erupted and started gushing like a fountain, his hot white seed flowing from the head like lava as his balls released its pent-up load. My mouth went back to his cock to taste him but his load was too much for me to swallow.

His sperm spilled down his shaft and bathed both our hands as it slid over his balls and into the crack of his ass to where my fingers slid in and out of his hole. He kept shooting so I kept going, my fingers now working his semen into his anal opening and greasing his insides. As his orgasm subsided, his body went limp and his legs dropped to the floor forcing me out of his asshole.

I marveled at the load of cum that coated his shaft and balls and had now pooled around his abdomen and I bent down to start licking it up. His semen tasted sweet as I hungrily lapped it up with my tongue. I paid special attention to his cock as I put the head back in my mouth to clean it and worked my way down the shaft to his balls getting as much of his juice as I could. I snaked back to his anus and began rimming him, this time my tongue easily entering his hole to clean his remaining seed.

“Man, that was intense,” he gasped as he regained his composure. “I think you know what you’re doing with that tongue of yours.”

“Beginner’s luck,” I responded with a smile, my face was glistening with his juices. The truth was, I enjoy rimming Sam’s tight little butthole every chance I get so I’ve had plenty of practice.

My cock was getting hard again as I sat back on the floor stroking it. I wiped his remaining cum from my lips with my hand and used it as lubricant on my dick as I pumped it back to a full erection. Shane was still laying on his back with his slippery asshole splayed open to me as if beckoning me.

Sliding onto the floor, he got on his knees and turned around so his ass was in the air. Resting his elbows on the couch, he turned his head around and gestured to me.

“Now let’s see if you know how to use that nice cock of yours.”

He dropped his chest onto the cushions and reached behind him and pulled his cheeks apart, his hot little hole hungry for me.

I got into position behind him and with my thumbs on his ass, I pried his buns further apart and spit onto his rosebud and licked it to make sure it was nice and primed for what was next. Still stroking my meat whistle, I moved in and pressed the head of it to his opening and rubbed it around the target a few times. I slowly pushed in, his sphincter easily giving way as my shaft slid into his warm tunnel.

I sank my cock all the way inside of him, stretching his asshole with my girth. I paused for a moment so he could feel my throbbing organ.

“Oooh, I can feel that,” he said softly as my cock pulsed like a heartbeat inside his ass.

I could also feel the muscles in Shane’s ass grip my hard cock as I started to slide it in and out of his hole and now I was not only engaging in anal intercourse for the first time in my life, but I was also making love to another man.

I moved slowly at first, pulling my cock almost all the way out until just the head stayed inside, then I sank all the way in as deep as I could go. I started going faster, my cock now slamming into him as his hips moved backward to meet my thrusts.

We were both grunting in unison as I pummeled his beautiful butt, the pressure starting to build up in my balls again as they slapped into him from behind. The sweat was starting to drip off my face when Shane’s smartphone went off with an incoming text message. I continued to drill his ass as he reached over to grab his phone and read the text.