Story: College Days

Written by: Sean Carrington 

My introduction to a same sex relationship started when I was at college; after joining its badminton club with my friend Ian. Must admit we were not very good players but still enjoyed playing. We were playing in a Friday night club competition; but my partner and I got knocked out in the first round. With no chance to get another game; we both decided to leave and went to get changed.

The changing rooms were empty; we decided to go for a shower. Both of us were in short white shorts to impress the short white skirts, without much success that night. I went into one of the cubicles fired up the shower. Turned out to be the only shower that was working, others were being renovated. Ian came into my cubical to share, not the first time that we had shared a shower. Quite a nice feeling; both of us standing their facing each other with warm water spraying down on us. I think we both at that time were getting a bit excited about the situation. We could feel things starting to happen. Then it happened. Someone came into the changing room; we recognized his voice, the college gossip that never let facts interfere with a good story. How do we explain this? We decided to stay their, to do this I moved back to the wall, Ian moved in closer to me; we were touching each other by this time. From the outside, with the spray curtain closed it looked like only one person was in the cubicle. Being so close and touching, in a hot warm environment, we both started to get aroused; then hard. Touching each other intimately, we moved a little, wriggled, to ease the pressure, only made both of us more excited and it was building. I think we both were starting to think something was going to happen. Nice but embarrassing.

Then it happened, another voice from the changing area. How do you explain this, one cubicle, both hard and excited? Then the second voice shouted if you want a lift home you will need to come now. The college gossip was lazy and wanted a lift; saved. We both looked at each other wet and dripping, still aroused, smiled. Both got dried and dressed quickly and headed home, the adrenaline was still pumping when we arrived at the rail station. Although nothing sexual happened, something did happen that neither of us could explain. As we were meeting the next day for a home study day at Ian’s place, we left it until tomorrow to try and understand what happened between us. Something had. Was it a red line to be crossed, but in what way.

As arranged, I cycled over to Ian’s for our home study day. After the night before, sleepless night, I wonder why. While cycling the adrenaline was starting to pump didn’t know how Ian felt about it, I didn’t know myself. Maybe I should have realised the way I was dressed. After about 20 minutes I arrived there. Ian was home alone; his parents had left for work. I put my cycle in his father’s garage, took my rucksack and went to his door. As I arrived, the door opened, I instantly knew what Ian’s thoughts were about what happened last night. He was wearing a smile on his face and little else, apart from a pair of revealing swimwear. I was wearing my short shorts again and a similar smile.

We went upstairs to where we usually studied, his bedroom, his books were open on his desk. I put my rucksack down there with my books. Kicked of my trainers and took off my tee shirt. We both sat down on his bed with our backs against the wall. In unison we slipped off our shorts and sat their naked. We started to touch each other, gradually getting more intimate until we both reached our objective and began stroking each other. The tempo and our adrenaline levels started to rise. We both started to get warm and wet as a result of each other’s caressing. Out of the blue there was a loud noise outside his bedroom window, didn’t know what it was, then we realised it was the window cleaner putting his ladder up to get to the bedroom window. Caught for the second day on a row. Panic, again.

We both scrambled to a gap between a big wardrobe in his room and the end wall where a chair usually sat, now at his desk. It was ok we were out of sight from the window. Due to confines of the space we were pressing on each other, again, getting aroused again for which we already had a warm up sitting on his bed. We couldn’t stop bodily rubbing each other, but began to feel wetness from each other moving down our legs. Something was giving or about to give. Saved by the bell again the window cleaner was climbing down his ladder. We stood there, hearts pounding, listening to him do the other top deck windows. Took about another ten minutes; a long ten minutes. We checked out the windows to make sure he was finished and gone. Fortunately Ian’s parents had an account with him, no knocking on the door for payment.

We returned to the bed where we started, within a few minutes we were caressing each other. We quickly got more adventuress; I was now on top, rubbing each other, and then progressed to humping, wet by this time. Don’t know how long for; suddenly felt excitement like an express train coming, could feel something moving from within, never felt anything so intense before. A first time proper. Suddenly something gave then two, three more lunges and giving. I could hear what I think was me groaning, Ian too. Realised my eyes were closed, looked into Ian’s yes they were still closed and he had a satisfying look on his face.

We both began to realise what we had just done, crossed a red line together, a wet messy red line. We rolled over onto our backs and let the adrenaline levels lower. After a short while, don’t know how long, it was Ian’s turn. He rolled over me to top, I felt him pressing, eased my legs to allow him in. He started to rub gently, this time with some lub on, don’t know how much, a squirt; I eased my legs together to apply a light resistance. As Ian progressed I increased the pressure until it felt right. After some time, don’t know how long, Ian’s express train arrived; I tried to adjust the pressure, as he did for me, until he unloaded; wet, messy but nice.

Exams over; had a week of intimacy and fun, got to understand our feeling for each other, maybe. Was Friday, final badminton competition night, we had put our names in for doubles again. Competition changed. It was to be a team competition of mixed teams of four. The new gym was open but the first game was in the old gym at the other end of the college. I knew a shortcut through the changing rooms to the court, where we had our previous almost embarrassing get together. As we dodged through the builders’ tools and rubble to the door to the gym, we heard voices, more excited moans than voices. What we heard were the girls we were pairing with. They didn’t hear us they were too engrossed in their assignation. When they heard us stopped, too late, their express trains had arrived; their pants and short white skirts were very wet and obvious why.

Our college gossip was the games marshal tonight and was coming over. I went to him Ian screened the girls wetness with his body, I fended off the gossip, his last comment was I see you are paired with dyke 1 & dyke 2. We heard later that he had tried it on with the girls and got rebuffed in front of his mates. Shot down in flames actually. Nice. Fortunately our court had been changed to the new gym. The girls got changed into their tracksuits, on the way to the new gym; heating was not working, good explanation. As they had explained to Ian what they were doing, Ian had a gift in getting people to do that. Would make either a good policeman or priest. But, he had told them about us and the replay in his bedroom the next day. I couldn’t say anything stood there like someone caught with his hand in the cookie jar, well maybe something else caught in it.

We played our games, got knocked out in the third round, either being discovered, or being crap badminton players contributed to it. O’well at least better than the last time. We all got changed, no shower this time and walked the girl’s home, Shona lived a street not far away from me and Ann lived near Ian, we both knew each other for many years, it was also a nice night. Nobody mentioned what had happened but we agreed to meet at Ian’s the next day. His parents were away for the day. Was this crossing the redline further or taking a step back.

I picked up Shona with my bicycle; the two of us rode on it to Ian’s. By the time we arrived Ann had also arrived and was already up in Ian’s bedroom. We put my bicycle in the garage and went upstairs. We all sat on the bed, openly discussed what happened. Ann and Shona had been having an intimate relationship for almost a year. They now knew about Ian’s and my assignations and were sitting where it happened. It was a nice day Ian had a sunny back garden we all had on our swimwear, the girls had one piece suits, fitting them well. Ian and I had on matching swimwear. The two girls stood up in unison, undid the top of their swimsuits and rolled them down to below their waist. Ian then pulled down his and stepped out it, the girls did the same. Me too. We all sat down on the bed naked. We started to explore each other’s bodies, nice we were all aroused. Shona started to rub her hand up my inside leg until she arrived and started stroking me. I was doing the same to her but my fingers were more intrusive. Ian and Ann were doing the same. We all slowly started to arouse each other, Shona and Ann lay back, and Ian and I continue to caress them. They got excited, opened their legs and arched their backs, just as they came. We all lay there by this time Ian and Ann were on the spare single bed. Shona produced a condom, first oiling me with her semen then fitted the condom onto me. First time that someone fitted one to me, could hardly hold back. Shona rolled over me, straddle me, we engaged, and started. First time for me, Ian too I think. Things started to happen at an accelerating pace, and then four express trains arrived almost in unison. We disengaged and lay together. We did it again but swapped around Ann and Shona did it themselves, Ian and me watching, totally engrossed. After they finished cajoled Ian and me to do it, we did they watched. What a day.

We cleaned up in a shared bath got dressed, tided up Ian’s room, all still naked, Got dressed. We were exhausted had to push the bicycle home this time. Ian and Ann walked the couple of streets to Ann’s home. Everything normal. We made arrangement to meet tomorrow, at my parents place; they were going to be out. Did we cross back over the red line or not. The next two weeks were adventurous; crossed many red lines without regret and for the next two months, before we either stated work or returned to college or both in my case. What a summer, went camping together, went hillwalking each time we satisfied ourselves almost daily and became more adventurous including in the back of the cinema and bus and against some trees.

I became an apprentice engineer, ended up as a company director, and also had a few more red line crossings. Ian moved to New Zealand after his father was made redundant, became a policeman ending up as head of a drugs unit. Ann became a Specialist Nurse, moved to New Zealand too. They met by chance on a case Ian was working on, neither would confirm the how and why. Buggers. Got married, still out there. Shona became an artist, a good one that was partially funded by sketches she did of us having fun, they were very good. I am always terrified walking into an art gallery and we are all up there on the wall. No it would be good.

Doesn’t finish there by chance I met Shona on holiday one year; let’s say we had a lot of fun for two whole weeks. We all keep in touch but not as much as we should. Red lines are for crossing.