Story: Finding Myself

Written by: Anthony Ryan

I was just an average thirteen year old boy. The kind of boy who was easily overlooked by his peers, or relentlessly tormented by those same people. There seemed no happy medium. Either people didn’t know that I even existed, or they claimed to know more about who and what I was than I did. Thus, I spent most of my teen years in solidarity.

Growing up a lonely boy, I opted to pass a substantial part of my time riding my bike. I’d ride for miles, with no particular destination. When I got a little older, thirteen to be precise, I picked up a paper route and began mowing lawns and detailing cars to earn myself some money. Though all that work had given me more than just money in my pocket. It had given me a rather nice body. A body that no one but I ever noticed.

I stood in front of the mirror that evening as I undressed. I took off my shirt and tossed it in the hamper, followed by my shorts, socks, and finally my underwear. Now naked, I admired my young smooth body, since no one else would. I stood about five and a half feet tall and was on the slim side. But riding my bike and working outdoors had given me substantial arm muscles, legs of a Tour de France cyclist, and a tan
that any beach goer would be envious of. My smooth stomach was tight and tone, the beginnings of abs just visible. My five inch teen cock stood rigid, just below my small patch of pubic hair, throbbing with every beat of my heart. My rather large, smooth balls hung uniformly beneath my thick teen meat. I gave my dick a tug, letting it spring back against my stomach, making an audible “slap”. I then turned my ass towards the mirror and admired my hairless round globes. I gave them a firm squeeze before walking to the tub to draw my bath.

This was pretty much my nightly routine before getting my bath. By the time I began the water, my cock would begin to relax and I would get my bath. But tonight… Tonight was different.

As the hot water began to fill the tub, I climbed in and sat down. My cock was still very hard and still pulsing with every beat of my heart. I leaned back against the back of the tub, my hard teen dick laid against my
smooth stomach. I again gave it another tug, and released it. “Slap!” My wet body amplified the sound. As steam began to fill the room, an urge overcame my young body. An uncontrollable urge. Yet again, I gave my boy cock another tug. This time a bit harder than the last. “Slap!” It made quite a splash in the water that just covered my groin. Growing a bit concerned that I could be heard beyond the confines of the bathroom, I sat up and looked towards the door. It remained closed.

I leaned back again, resting against the back of the tub. My still hard cock continued to throb, making little waves in the water, as my heart pounded within my chest. The urge was near overwhelming, but still I was uncertain. There was no internet, and my Father’s porn stash wasn’t exactly a “how to” manual. I then recalled conversations I had overheard among classmates. Other teenage boys talking about porn mags, jacking off, and cumming. I remembered a hand gesture I had seen them make. Suddenly… It all made sense. Well, for the most part.

I wrapped my hand around my throbbing teen toy. Slowly, I began to reproduce the motions depicted by those boys on myself. The hot water acted as a sort of lubricant, allowing my hand to slide up and down my
shaft with relative ease. It wasn’t long until I noticed that my cock got more… slippery. I saw a drop of clear liquid coming out of my piss slit. I took my finger and touched it, smearing it around on the head of my dick. I then continued to stoke my five inch cut dick, my hand gliding easily up and down my thick shaft, sending sensations throughout my young teenage body. Sensations that I had never felt before.

The tub neared capacity. The air was thick with steam. Sweat soaked my once dry hair. I continued to move my hand up and down the shaft of my rock hard cock. More of the clear liquid oozed from my tip and lubricated my cock. The new sensation grew even more intense, like electricity coursing through my entire thirteen year old body. My pulse quickened, my heart pounded within my slender chest. My smooth balls drew up closer to my shaft and appeared to get even larger. My legs fully outstretched before me, became rigid. My smooth stroking motion became jerky, almost hesitant, as I fought to maintain my composure as my whole body drew tense.

Up… Down… Breathe…

Up… Down… Breathe…



I clenched my hand around the base of my young cock. My balls swelled, as did the head of my five inch cut teen cock…

A somewhat clear, milky white liquid suddenly erupted from my young, thick, teen boy cock. My body lurched as the first spurt shot out of my slit and hit me in the face right below my left eye. Again my body lurched as the second spurt landed on my smooth, slender chest, running down over my right nipple. Yet again, my young body lurched, though a bit less intense, as my boy cock shot it’s third spurt, which landed in my sparse pube bush. My young cock pumped out three more small spurts which oozed down over the head of cock, down my shaft, on to my hand. This followed by four more dry pumps.

With my foot, I turned off the water and draped my slender hairless leg over the side of the tub. I continued to lay in there in the tub as I comprehended what had just happened as steam rose from my wet skin. I had
just had my first full blown organism! I released my softening cock from my grip and rinsed the liquid from my hand. I felt the milky white liquid running down my cheek towards my lip. I instinctively licked a bit of it
off of my lip. It had a somewhat salty, yet sweet taste. I wiped the rest from my cheek, and stuck my finger in my mouth. I sucked my boy cream off of my finger, the same bittersweet taste.

I finished my bath, got out of the tub, and dried my self off. I wiped the condensation from the mirror. I stood before it, my smooth young body a purpleish color from the hot water. My smooth large balls hung low below my still swollen teen cock. I stepped into my underwear and pulled them up, adjusting my cock to rest comfortably. It seemed that my underwear now appeared fuller than before. My whole teen aged body seemed more defined now. More… Grown-up.

Pulling an old t-shirt over my head, I made my way to my bedroom, saying “good night” to my parents as I made my way up the stairs. Once in the private confines of my dark bedroom, I climbed in to bed. But, I didn’t go right to sleep…