Story: Harem Daze

Luke Clearview may seem like the perfect role model student but there’s something he’s been desperately hiding. Back in high school he was the biggest slut in the neighborhood, getting dick downedon a daily basis. Now that he’s in college he wants to begin a new and be the role model he’s supposed to be. Seems to work out but then he has his eyes set on three hunks who steal his heart. Looks like his hoe days ain’t over yet.

Written by Devil’s Brew

(what do I have to do to get a hunk like him to notice me?) That was the thought that pestered model student luke clearview’s mind. He didn’t think about whatever drivel the professor was spewing, he only had his mind on the hunk next to him ; Ignavius Evans. Luke had spent the last half hour taking glances at the handsome male and wishing he could get into his bed. He would love nothing more than for tall dark and handsome to grab him from behind and pound his cock into his plump ass. Maybe even force him to grovel on his knees and lick his sweaty feet. He wanted to be his bitch.

(No , stop that. You’re not going to be a hoe like you were in high school. You promised yourself you would keep you legs closed until you find a very special guy. Wow, I sure do inner monologue a lot.)

One the surface Luke seemed to live a squeaky clean life. He was a straight A student who was always well dressed and graduated from a top notch Christian high school. What most people that know is that while his was filling his head with knowledge he also filled his hole with dick. It was a bit of a underground secret that he was the whore of the school. Being a Christian school, St Joseph academy had quite a few closeted males. Luke’s massive ass was like a magnet to them. Everyone knew luke was a timid fellow so he would never snitch on anyone if someone did anything to him. This is what gave the males to take advantage of him. They’d catch him in empty bathrooms and bully him into giving them blowjobs.

Luke was initially overwhelmed but he secretly enjoyed it. He’d always had a rather high libido and now he could finally get the action he lusted for . He found the courage to take initiative and ask the guys to treat him as a sex slave. Everyday he would be fucked and dicked down like some cheap hooker. It was pure pleasure but deep down luke was ashamed of himself. He was supposed to be a role model not some slut. If news got out what’d he was up to, his reputation would be ruined. That’s why he promised he redeem himself in college and stick to one guy. Too bad it wouldn’t last.

Ignavius let out a lawn and pulled out a novel to Combat his boredom. Luke’s eyes widened for a moment. “. That’s ‘Devils requiem!’ I’m surprised someone as cool as him is into that sort of book. Mows a perfect chance to finally talk to him.” Luke smiled.

“ Don’t you like the part where the protagonists best friends goes to join the demon king and then the protagonist has to kill both of them ?” Luke had asked a bit too energetically.

“ Um…. I’m still of the first chapter so not really.” Ignavius bluntly said.

Luke cringed hard on the inside. He made himself look like a fool in front of his crush and spoiled the best part of the book ! Why couldn’t he ever act normal around attractive men ?

“ But knowing that happens later on really makes me want to read the book even more. Thanks for telling me.” Ignavius gave a faint smile before returning to his book.

That smile nearly made Luke’s heart skip a bit. He was glad Ignavius hadn’t thought he was a fool like he suspected. Luke continued his daydreams until the bell interrupted him, a sign that class was over.

Students packed away their belongings and sheepishly made their way out the class. With his hands in his pocket, Ignavius cooly walked away.

Now it was time for gym, Luke’s most hated yet loved subject. On one hand those gym shorts he was forced to wear would always put far too much emphasis on his ass and attract so many unwanted stares. On the flipside though, the three hottest guys in school shared gym with him ; The boisterous wrestling jock Ryan Hotchkiss, The hyper masculine badboy Josh Anderson and of course the cool headed goth Ignavius Evans.

It was a constant struggle trying to hide an erection in a locker room filled with half naked guys. Josh showed off his well toned chest as he changed into a snug sports shirt and Ryan had the habit of laying around on nothing but his jockstrap. Luke was notorious for his massive dome for a ass but Ryan could give him a serious run for his money.

“ Put your clothes on already you damn exhibitionist. Nobody wants to see you like that.” Said a rather peeved Josh.

“ Oh cmon. We’re all guys here so there’s no problem with showing a bit of skin. Ain’t that right, Ignavius ?”. Ryan had wrapped his arm around Ignavius’s shoulders and leaned into him.

“ um… well I uh….” The normally stoic Ignavius was blushing red like an apple and had to avoid Ryan’s eyes. Luke had noticed a rather telling bulge arise in the man’s shorts. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t envious.

“ You guys are so fucking gay . “ Josh scoffed as he finished getting dressed and walked to the gym court. Ryan simply smiled and followed behind him with clothes in hand. Luke had feeling today’s gym class was going to be something big.

The guys ran laps around the court as usual, building up sweat as they did. Josh’s broad shoulders became apparent as the sweat caused the shirt to be translucent. Ryan’s biceps seemed to bulge with every sprint and Ignavius nice thighs complimented his shorts. It was important for luke to find the one single guy he would date but this trio sure made it daunting. How could he possibly choose only one of these hunks ?

Josh jabbed his elbow into luke’s side as he darted past and scoffed. “ Pick up the pace you limpdick nerd !” Luke usually enjoyed a bit of abuse but josh’s words and actions were more hurtful than they should’ve been. Perhaps it was because Josh’s actions caused a ripple current effect causing him to be bullied by other jocks as a result. At least back in high school all those verbal attacks would ultimately lead to his satisfaction .

“ Run maggots run ! If I see any of you fall behind that’s 20 points dropped from your grade !” Nike bellowed with enough volume to wake up the nation. Nobody knew who he was trying to impress with his cheesy drill sergeant routine but he never broke character. He gripped a bag filled with who knows what and revealed an evil smirk.

“ Alright boys and girls, it’s time for a little game of Dodgeball.” The bag dropped to the floor and a swarm of dodgeballs spewed out. A cacophony of groans and cheers echoed throughout the room.

Ryan pumped his hands into the air like an overgrown child and flashed a mischievous smile. “ Hell yeah ! I haven’t played that since middle school. “
Ignavius sighed and folded his arms. He hated practically every form of physical activity and dodgeball was certainly one of them. He was always picked last and made sure he was one of the first to lose to get it over with. Luke was mostly apathetic about the situation since he was a well rounded gut and could handle himself fairly well in the game.

Nobody,however, felt as strongly about the game as Josh did. It was the only time he could pummel other kids on class and get away with it . Plus he knew all the best jocks would be on his team so victory was assured . “ Time to play ball.”