STORY: My friends gay dad and I form special bond

My name is Nicolas but my friends call me Nick. I’m 5’10 and 180 pounds. I have dark brown hard and blue eyes. I grew up with my best friend Michael. We were friends since we were babies. Our families often hung out together. Family vacations, day trips, and sporting events were pretty regular. When Michael and I were 9 his parents divorced and Michaels dad was no longer around for the family get together.

We would still often do things with Michael and his mother Tina. His dad David would pick up Michael and he would see him only on the weekends. Once we got old enough to realize things it came out that David was gay and that was the reason for the divorce. I would often hear my dad make comments to my mom calling David gay slurs. I knew they were derogatory terms but didn’t know exactly what they meant. When Michael became a teenager he moved in with his dad. I would stay there on a regular basis with Michael. I had my own questions about my sexuality since I was young. I would be aroused if I saw a gay scene on television or two guys in public displaying affection.

I started watching gay porn secretly and masturbating to the thought of David. Michaels father was very attractive. He had a full beard and combed back hair. He was lean with dense muscle. He worked construction his whole life before opening his own company. I would go to their house and David would be lounging around the house in shorts and no shirt. I would glance as often as I could without being obvious. He was muscular and you could see the veins popping out of his shoulders and biceps. I would occasionally get a look at the outline of his penis and say I had to use the bathroom and jerk off while smelling David’s underwear from the hamper in the bathroom. The musky scent of his balls and cock would get me so aroused. Finally a few weeks after our 21st birthdays Michael and I got a chance to celebrate. His dad got us a few 6 packs as a gift. He said he was going out and for us to have fun he’d be back in the morning.

After a few hours of drinking Michael passed out while we were watching tv. I started thinking of David and what I would like to do with him if I had the opportunity. I started getting hard as a rock. I tried my hardest to wake Michael to make sure he was completely sleeping and i got up and snuck to David’s room. I found a pair of briefs he had on the oor and picked them up and smelled them. I started stroking my cock as I smelled his balls and cock scent on the fabric. I started looking through drawers and found a dildo. It was probably about 6 inches and looked like a real penis. I took it out and started sucking it like a cock. I imagined it was David. I found a little bottle of lube that was kept next to the dildo and started fingering myself. Although I never had sex with a man I would watch gay porn as i finger my ass as I imagined being fucked. A few times I used a ex girlfriends dildo on myself when she would be at work.

I laid on David’s bed and started rubbing the dildo along my ass crack as I slowly stroked my cock. The dildo had a suction and I stuck it the the headboard. I slowly backed up and slid the head into my throbbing hole. I was grinding on the head when I heard the knob turn and the door swung open. I thought Michael was going to catch me and know I was gay too. I looked up in panic and saw David and another man kissing as the walked into the room. The man was bald and had a goatee. Unlike David who had a brown colored beard this man was more salt and pepper and he was a little more burleigh. He looked pretty muscular but had a little more bulge than David did. I reached for my underwear when they noticed I was there. David just looked at me and the other guy said ” who is this guy?” David stuttered a bit and said “that’s my sons friend Nick”. Before he could say anything to me I stood up apologizing repeatedly. He told me to relax and calm down. “It’s ok Nick, Don’t worry I wont tell Michael”. I apologized again and started getting my clothes. I heard the men talking and as I walked to the door David stopped me and said ” would you like to stay and hang out?” I felt a giant lump in my throat and didn’t know how to respond.

I wanted to so bad but I was scared. What if somebody found out? What if Michael found out? What if my parents found out? I’d be so embarrassed. Before I even answered David grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. “I’ve been wanting to do this for years” David said as he looked into my eyes. I was so surprised yet so excited. My asshole was throbbing at the thought of actually have gay sex. I dropped to my knees in front of David and started to unbuckled his jeans. He waves over the bald gentlemen and said “this is Steve he’s been a longtime friend of mine”. Steve walked over and waved his cock in my face. I looked up and said “nice to meet you.” I reached for his cock and kissed the tip. I had done things with myself and imagined things but this was a dream come true. Two hot older men getting ready to give me the night of my life. I turned back to David and pulled the waste band band from his briefs down and his hard cock shot up. He was about 7 inches and had a very veiny aesthetic looking cock. Steve’s cock was a bit shorter probably only 6 inches or so but it was thick and heavy. I took David in my mouth starting at the tip and licking the bottom side. I ran my tongue over every inch of his dick and then opened my mouth wide and swallowed as much as I could. I gagged a bit and my eyes started to water. I reached out to stroke Steve’s dick as I sucked David. Steve laid on his back with his legs bent off the bed touching the oor.

David stood me up and bent me over the bed over Steve’s cock. I started sucking Steve’s fat cock and I felt David start to use his fingers to rub against my anus and then he started rubbing the head of his cock against my hole. I wanted him to fuck me. I had gotten myself loose before they got there and I was ready to take all of David inside of me. I felt the head nally started to press against my hole and he slowly pushed inside. He started do slow strokes with half of his cock. He was bigger than the dildo and he was stretching me pretty good. There would be occasional pain that turned to pleasure once he went all the way inside a few times. “That feels so good.” I moaned. He palmed my ass cheeks and started giving me long strokes. The more he fucked my ass the harder I sucked Steve. Steve had his hand on the back of my head and was gently pressing my head down trying to put his whole cock in my mouth. It was so fat I could feel it stretching the corners of my mouth. I was being dominated by 2 daddies and loving every second. I could feel David started to speed up and I shoved my face into Steve’s balls and started licking and sucking as I used my hand to stroke his cock.

David started slowing down and pulled out of me I stood up and faced him. He push me back a bit and Steve grabbed my hips and directed me towards his thick juicy dick. I had my legs together with my hand on each knee. I sat back and Steve directed me by my hips until I felt his cock on my ass. I lined it up and slowly slid down a bit to take the head. His cock was so fat I could feel it stretching me out and I had to take my time. I slid up and down slowly taking a little bit more of him each time. David stood in front me and started kissing me as I was trying to take Steve’s cock. He kissed me with such passion that I got so turned on I slid all the way down on Steve’s cock. I wanted to be fucked hard and deep. I wiggled around for a minute or so letting hin stretch me out. Once I felt comfortable I started going up and down and Steve grabbed my hips and started fucking me like I wanted. He used his hands to pull me down and the bed to bounce him up.

He was fucking me so hard. David was still kissing me. He was kissing my neck and playing with my nipples. I could

feel Steve start getting harder. He was really pounding my asshole and I knew he was going to cum soon. I told him I wanted to swallow his load to let me know when he was ready. He tapped me and I slid off and turned to take his cock in my mouth as he was jerking the base of his cock. I barely got my mouth around the head before I felt him shoot load after load into my mouth. I swallowed it all and tried to suck anything left out of him. I had wanted David since I was younger and knew he was gay. I wanted him to be the first man to cum inside of me. I laid on the bed and pulled my knees to my chest. I looked at David and said “your turn daddy”. David grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed and readjusted me to how he wanted me. He slid the head in and with this angle he was deeper than he had been before. His cock felt amazing.

He was bent over me with my right leg over his left shoulder. I was partially on my back partially on my side. With his left hand he had his hand on my shoulder and was pulling me towards him with each thrust. He was fucking me hard and fast and making eye contact. He owned me for this time. I was his to do as he pleased. He was all man and he was fucking me like a savage. He used his hand to grab my neck and face. He looked me in the eyes and asked if I liked how he was fucking me. I couldn’t form full words so I did my best to moan a yes. He was so intense as he drilled me as hard as he could. I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

His strokes were long and hard. I screamed out “please cum inside of me , please daddy” I started stroking my own cock and I felt his body stiffen and his cock started pulsating inside of me. I shot a load on my stomach and then I felt him release. Load after load shot deep inside of me. I felt like a little slut. I had never been so turned on in my life. Feeling his throbbing cock inside of me as I came was the most intense orgasm I’ve had in my life. Steve had been lying on the bed watching as we nished. After we were done we wiped up and laid naked in bed together. We had sex a few more times with both men taking turns on me until the morning.

I went back to the living room before Michael woke up and went to sleep like nothing happened. David and I could never go back to normal after that night. We secretly have a date night a few nights a week and have sex on a regular basis. We’ve fallen in love and only we know.