Slow and Gentle

Written by: Indifferent Light

It started innocently enough, as it often does, when I responded to an ad for a blow job.

Now that I was single again, it was an easy way to score something hot without all the issues of having someone hanging around. I just wanted the sausage, and I could do without the pig. Anyway, the ad said it would have to be discreet, reciprocated, and he just wanted head. It also had to be during the day, since he was skipping out on work and his wife. All that was fine by me and I invited him over. I didn’t know until I opened the door that he was Chinese – bonus! He was younger than me, smaller, and had an awesome round butt.

This looked promising, especially since I could tell by the bulge in his sweats that he had at least a chubby showing and was ready to go.

He was eager to get naked and lay out on my bed, and I was eager to get going on his cock.

He didn’t say much, nor did I, and he was incredibly hard, about six inches with a big patch of wiry black pubes with nice heavy balls hanging toward his asshole. It wasn’t my best effort, because he came down my throat in about five minutes. I’d had too little time to do much exploring but found out he loved his balls in my mouth, and my tongue on his asshole. So much for making it last though. He was hot and ready. After he came he was just as eager to leave as he’d been to get naked and sucked. I figured it was a one and done, but it was fun, he looked good, tasted good, and was clean. After he left, I had a nice jerk off session with the taste of his cum in my mouth. And then back to work, after a pleasant encounter and a happy memory.

A couple of weeks later, he emailed again. I’d put him out of my mind, except for seeing his ad was still running occasionally. I was thinking it wasn’t anything we’d do again, so I hadn’t been in touch. He wrote a bit about what he wanted. For one thing, he wanted the next blow job to last a  long time and be slow and gentle. He wanted his entire crotch serviced, especially balls and asshole. He was pretty specific actually, in a way that was making me hard. He was also looking for weekly service, which both surprised me and made me harder.

I could see myself getting into a groove with this guy, and it all worked for me. I’d be fine with a regular cock and could stop looking at the ads. I could take my time and enjoy him, he could lay back and moan and I’d get a tasty treat. What’s not to like?

And that’s pretty much how it played out for a while. He’d come over about once a week and be ready to go. He’d be hard when he dropped his boxers. He was quite demanding, and I was very willing to give him what he wanted. So, you probably figured this out by now, but slow, gentle, with tongue action from his asshole to swallowing his cock, slowly exploring his balls, and back again. Over and over, and he liked it really wet and sloppy. He liked it when I’d be all in on his cock with my tongue licking the underside of his shaft, and then reaching my tongue out further to lick his balls. He also liked his asshole sucked gently so I could work my tongue in. This worked well, since I knew I couldn’t stay on his cock too long at a time without making him cum too quickly. I’d look at his face and it was an expression of pure pleasure and he really was a moaner. It was a blast keeping him on edge for an hour or so. Things changed, of course, as they tend to do and as he became more comfortable with me. For one thing, when we first met, he was very clean. You know, like date night clean. He progressed to a what he called “raw”. I’m sure he showered, but not since taking a dump and getting a maybe decent wipe. He’d also let me know sometimes that he fucked his wife the night before and rolled over and went to sleep. I’d see him the next morning with no shower between her and me so he would have some pussy flavor for me. I was enjoying our get-togethers and was happy to please and was used to him and his smells. He liked the humiliation and service and he got the message that I’d do anything. He told me that from now on I should leave the door unlocked and be naked on my hands and knees at the door when he arrived. I was to crawl instead of walk, and I should call him Master. Sure, I had fantasies about that kind of thing, but really wasn’t expecting to ever do it, and wasn’t sure I was into it. I made a few noises about not wanting to do all that, but the next time he came over the door was unlocked for him and I was on my hands and knees naked at the door. Yeah, I wanted his cock that bad. Master was wearing sandals, tee shirt, gym shorts, and briefs. It was summer after all, and he’d been working from home. He dropped his shorts and got down on all fours with his ass in my face, which was my cue to start rimming his hole. I knew I was hooked, as I made love to his funky asshole. And Master said, “that’s what I mean by raw.” Then he laughed. That was the first time he  wanted his toes sucked and his armpits licked. He felt good with me licking his unwashed body and was enjoying himself, and so was I. We moved to the bed at some point, and he made me crawl up the stairs. He said it was fun having a slave. His orgasm, an hour later, was explosive, and I’d had my mouth and tongue on him the entire time. After he shot his load he laid in bed, making no effort to get up. This was also the first time he didn’t rush to get dressed and out the door. He told me to lay next to him, and he wanted to talk. Or plan really, because I found out there was a lot he wanted to do, and he’d need my help. For starters, he had a very specific threesome in mind, and he told me to get busy setting it up.

Great, now I’m a pimp. But that’s another story, for another time.