STORY: What it is like to be a real bottom

For years I had growing desires to play with my butt hole. As a young guy in my early twenties, I started with a simple toothbrush, which led to more than one finger, and ultimately to any cylindrical object I could find or make for myself. There has always been something about having my hole filled up that makes me arch my back and push my hole out as far as possible. Doing so while knowing my cock is rendered useless and that my hole is the only thing that matters.

I first started experimenting once every two weeks. That rapidly changed to once a week, twice a week, every other day, and finally every single day. At the point where it was every day, which was for some time, by the end of the day my once little butthole was drooling and ready to be fucked.

Throughout each day I could feel myself getting wet. I would think to myself “Jay, you have a real man pussy” I know that not every man can do this and they require lube. I however do not require any, and my hole will actually drip with clear, sweet, anal fluid. During the day I would sometimes place my middle finger completely covering the outside of my ring, and just press down. My butthole would accept this with ease and it would turn me on so much making me even wetter for the times I would fuck myself.

My favorite object I’ve ever used is without a doubt homemade dildo. Using a pool noodle cut to the shape of a cock. I covered it in caulk to give it texture and the ability to glide. I would then place the open end onto a walking stick which was fixed in place between my bed and my box spring. Simulating a hard cock ready to fuck me doggy style. With no lube I would back onto it. The rigid texture would rub my prostate and the top area of my hole so well I could experience an anal orgasm 20 times within an hour.

Let me explain in depth how my juicy fuck hole works. I must say after watching many videos I have only ever seen a few videos where other men’s holes react the same way mine does. They say that you should relax and resist the urge to push out, but I think the complete opposite.

When I fuck myself I start slow. Letting my dildo slowly work it’s way deeper and deeper until it bottoms out. While doing this I can feel my body become fueled with pleasure. My eyes roll back, my ass sticks out, I feel like a good little girl ready to please daddy. Furthermore my hole swells inside and with every thrust I can feel myself wanting to cum. After about 5 minutes of working my hole so that it comes to size, I begin to unleash the resistance to push out. My ring grows twice as big and my hole grips the dildo. You can literally see my hole go from taking the dildo, to completely engulfing it. Almost like when you gag on a cock everything grows in size and your mouth loses control and becomes as dilated as possible. My hole does the same thing.

While in this state, my juices are [owing. The dildo becomes even wetter and I push so hard onto it that it sometimes wants to pop out. My insides go from soft smooth feeling to gripping the shaft and head with a lot of pressure. I can only imagine how this feels on the other end.

When I am ready to climax I can feels cum building in my soft useless cock. I push out uncontrollably when I climax and I dribble cum from my cock. I am literally forcing my cum from my balls. All of this feeling is coming from my ass, and not at all in my cock. I push so hard sometimes that I will squirt all over the floor. I sometimes create a puddle when this happens. It might be dirty but I just can’t control it. At this point I am literally drooling from my mouth. Breathing heavy, in complete ecstasy.

One day I craved a cock so bad I ended up chatting with a guy for a couple of hours one night. I had him come over and let him use me through a makeshift glory hole.

His cock was not all that big but I didn’t care because it was my first time letting a real cock inside of me. Just the thought of having a real cock in my face and touching me drove me nuts. I knelt down on my knees as he was unzipping his pants and watched his soft cock pop out. He pushed his weight onto the opening, and with my right shaking hand, I picked up his amazing soft cock.

Without hesitation I gobbled his whole cock and rested it in my mouth. I let it lay there for a couple of seconds and waited for it to gradually become stiff. When it did, I could finally taste how another mans cock was just as delicious as I had imagined. It were as if his cock was spewing pheromones and my brain was Tring out of control.

When I started moving my dripping mouth back and forth, I realize I was actually letting a man use my mouth as his cock slides in and out. He is using my mouth to jerk off his cock. Thoughts like those drive me crazy!

I started slow, then got faster when he began thrusting his cock now into my throat, occasionally pushing it all the way down and just holding it there. I did this for a good five minutes before stopping. I wanted him inside me so bad. I asked in excitement “you want to fuck my ass?” And he gladly turned me around on all fours, My butthole was quivering, winking in and out ready to take that whole cock.

He pressed the bulging wet head of his penis onto my already wet ass. It slid in with such ease that he immediately started going to town. As he was fucking me I couldn’t resist the urge to push out causing my hole to protrude and gag on his cock. Unlike when I do it alone, I have no control over how much he fucks through my assgasms forcing me to cum over and over again. At this point my precum is dripping in long strands to the [oor. In my head I’m telling myself “Oh my goodness daddy, yes… yes, fuck my little butthole” And within the next 5 minutes, he blows his hot load inside of me. In mid thrust he stopped, just so that I could feel him throb with every spurt of cum leaking out of his cock. It was so warm and had a particular feel to it.

He slid out and put his cock back into his pants, while I’m still on all fours bent over with my ass in the air. He immediately leaves as was the plan we had. And I lay on my side gently pushing the fresh load from my hole. My butthole at this point is swollen and used. We ended up doing it a few more times and stopped.

That is my take on what it is like to be a true bottom. Like your hole is designed to be fucked.