The Masseur and the Cop

Written by David Lee

Kevin had known he was gay from the time he turned 12. While his buddies were sneaking peeks at their fathers’ Playboy Magazines, he was more interested in the centerfold of a Playgirl. His erotic knowledge grew as he learned to navigate the Internet. Fortunately for him, he had the savvy to erase his browsing history, so his parents didn’t discover his new hobby.

Now in his 30’s, he no longer had to hide who he was. His parents had accepted his orientation and didn’t give him any grief over it. In fact, his mother had supported him after he broke up with his partner of nearly five years who’d cheated on him. She kept her eyes open for prospective matches. She had never thought Jeremy was good enough for him, anyway. In her opinion, he deserved to have a professional-type closer to his own age.

Jeremy’s unfaithfulness had been a shock. Their union was the reverse of many daddy/son relationships. Kevin was the one with the stable income, often supporting his older partner. Over four years into what Kevin thought was a monogamous partnership, Jeremy had become infatuated with a barely-legal boy and had chosen to give up his comfortable life for a fling. A month into it, he had come back, begging forgiveness. Kevin had been burned too deeply to consider it. Nine months into being single again, he felt he was better off alone even though he longed for companionship.

Kevin currently had a well-paying job in the tech field, having tried his hand at several other things in the past. He probably could be commanding a higher salary if he had a four-year college degree, but he did okay with an associate degree, plus his experience. He kept his skills honed by taking every certification class offered. He might finish his BS in the future, but at present, he was okay with what he had.

To supplement his income over the years, he’d given massages on the side; at first in his tiny apartment and later in a spare bedroom in his home. He had become a licensed massage therapist right out of high school and had quickly built up a clientele because of his skills and good looks. The flexible hours allowed him time to study at the local cosmetology school to acquire another skill which he thought would be his career for the rest of his life. He’d done well in that too, and soon became an established stylist working in the salon of a local department store.

Doing people’s hair all day long became a drag after a while. He didn’t mind pampering the customers and catering to their whims, but he didn’t like the catty atmosphere he worked in. Some of the women there resented him and the fact that he attracted more customers than they did, both young and old. The final factor in leaving that field of work had been the closing of the department store where the salon was located. Rather than starting over in another salon, he ventured into computer technology, again using his skillful hands to earn his daily bread while earned his AA degree and becoming proficient in a new field.

He hadn’t lost his touch, because during his years as a stylist, he’d kept doing massages in his spare time – partly for the extra income and partly for his sanity. His customers were overwhelmingly male, so he didn’t have to listen to girly talk.

As a young masseur, he’d been extremely careful to give only legitimate massages which wouldn’t endanger his license. His city had rather stringent rules about what was legal and what was not. The excuse for the laws was that they prevented sex-trafficking, but in truth, the fusty old city fathers didn’t like the idea of anyone receiving sexual pleasure at the hands of another person.

Several masseuses who ran thinly disguised whore-house had had their parlors shut down during a sting operation, and Kevin feared he might suffer the same fate if he weren’t extremely cautious. Even a hint of impropriety could cause him difficulties.

Kevin had begun to loosen up a little after an incident six years ago. He was working on a gentleman named Jeremy, who would later become his partner. The man had stripped unabashedly in front of him before lying face-down on the table, naked. He’d complained about lower back pain and a pulled groin muscle. The symptoms he invented were sure to get a masseur’s hands close to the area he wanted stimulated.

Placing a towel over the man’s butt, Kevin had worked from his shoulders down to his cheeks, paying special attention to the area just above his cleavage. The man had let out several sighs of contentment, especially when Kevin got to his glutes.

After about half an hour, Kevin asked Jeremiad turn over on his back to access the inside of his thighs. With the towel draped over the guy’s junk, Kevin worked the supposed sore muscles. This caused the towel to rise quickly, resembling a pitched tent. His customer was obviously aroused and looked pleadingly into Kevin’s eyes in hopes he’d receive release.

Kevin did allow the backs of his hands to “accidentally” brush Jeremy’s testicles but made no move to touch his dick.

Finally, in frustration, Jeremy had reached under the towel and taken his own tool in hand and given it about five strokes which set off an orgasm with enough jizz to soak through the middle of the cloth. After it subsided, he blushed and wouldn’t meet Kevin’s gaze.

Kevin’s only reaction was to get a warm wet wash cloth and clean up the mess, gently pulling back the foreskin to clean it completely.

Jeremy dressed and left hurriedly, but not before adding a generous tip to his payment.

“Um, may I come back again?” he asked, looking at the floor.

“You’re always welcome to COME.” Kevin smiled.

The next time Jeremy came for a massage, he said he didn’t have a problem with a muscle but wanted to feel good all-over. Kevin gave him a sensuous rubdown; this time with a happy ending. Again, he was richly rewarded.

Within the year, they became lovers and Jeremy moved in with Kevin.

Jeremy knew Kevin loved him, and he didn’t ask, or care, if Kevin brought other men to orgasm. If he did, it was only part of the job. Kevin, however, was still cautious.

A couple of years later, the local vice squad, at the urging of the city council, made another attempt to entrap anyone who might be giving their customers too much of a good thing.

When a handsome young man named Mark Orr booked a massage, Kevin was certain he was a cop who’d been sent there to get the goods on him. The man asked what “extra” services Kevin offered. Kevin’s replied with a list of the usual techniques, Swedish deep tissue massage, Japanese shiatsu, hot stone therapy, etc.

The undercover officer mentioned that he’d seen some examples of tantric methods on the Internet and would like to try those. Kevin politely declined, saying he didn’t know anyone in town who practiced them. He suggested trying an on-line massage site if that was what he truly wanted. It was possible he might find it in Chicago or another large city.

So, the young cop said he’d like a traditional massage for the sake of his back, and promptly shucked his clothes and lay down, face-up, displaying a beautifully cut cock projecting from a nest of groomed pubes. The dick rose, but Kevin didn’t rise to the bait. Instead, he asked the guy to turn over and then covered his butt with a towel for modesty’s sake.

At the end of the session, the cop raved about how good he felt, and booked another massage for a month later. He had become an intermittent customer ever since, and Kevin was always circumspect, though he was tempted.

Over the past couple of years, the two men had become friends. Much like a trusted bartender, Kevin had listened to Mark’s marital problems with a sympathetic ear. Mark knew what he said would go no further.

Kevin had confided in Mark after Jeremy was unfaithful. He didn’t go into detail, but he didn’t cover up the fact that they’d been lovers.

After about a six-month hiatus, Mark came by unannounced and asked if Kevin had time for a chat. Kevin was surprised but happy to see him.

“I have some things to get off my chest,” Mark began, nervously. “My divorce is final, and I don’t have to pay anything to her since she makes more at her job than I do, and we don’t have kids. Now, I’m free to live my life as I wish.

“With the changes in the police department, things are more open, I don’t have to worry about getting fired for being different, if you know what I mean.

“As you probably suspected, the first time I came to you it was part of my job. We were supposed to try to trap masseurs into doing something illegal, so we could close them down. I hope I was obvious enough to tip you off, um, if you had been willing to give me sexual satisfaction. As much as I’d have loved being pleasured by you, I didn’t want you to give me reason to turn you in.

“I want you to know that I’m not working undercover anymore, and I don’t plan to. I’ve been promoted and I’m now investigating crimes. Sometimes=I’m the first one on the scene. I’m telling you all this because I have a crush on you. If you’re still single after breaking up with Jeremy, and willing to give me a chance, I’d like to get to know you better. I’m looking for a long-term thing with someone I trust,” he swallowed, hoping he hadn’t presumed too much.

“OH Mark, I can’t think of anyone I’m closer to than you. It’s been difficult for me not to cross the line when I have my hands on your hot body, but you’ll have to be patient with me about a long-term relationship. I’m still kind of gun-shy after being deceived by the man I lived with for almost half a decade and thought loved me. I have trust issues”.

“I can empathize because I sure as hell felt betrayed by Jodie when I caught her with another man in our bed. I got tested right away in case she’d given me something bad. I’ll bet you felt the same when Jeremy stepped out on you.”

“Yeah, I ran right over the public health and got checked out too. It’s scary when you can’t trust your partner.”

“Do you think two lonely dudes who’ve been screwed over by their lovers could make it together. I know I’m gay, but I’m kind of new at this man-to-man thing. If I were to swear not to be with anyone else while we’re, um, exploring, could we try?”

“Sure. I think we should take it slowly even though we know each other well.”

“I agree. We’re both looking for romance instead of just having a fuck-buddy.”

“You cut right to the chase, Officer Mark. I like that in a man. We seem to be on the same page here.”

“Um, so, could I book a massage for someday soon; possibly this week? I’d like it to be the kind of intimate touch you’d share with a lover. I’ll sign something to specify I’m not doing this to entrap you.”

“I’ll take your word as bond, and I could give you a massage right away if you like.”

“That would be great, but I haven’t had a chance to shower since I got off my shift. I’ve always come to you clean.”

“Would you like to use my shower, or do you want more time to think it over?”

“I’d be happy to use your facilities. Any chance I could talk you into washing my back?”

Kevin had seen Mark naked the first time when he’d come in as an undercover agent, and he’d been impressed at the quality of bait the department used. Ever since then, Mark had left his underwear on when he got a massage. Seeing him bare-assed again was like a new treat.

They stripped together in Kevin’s bathroom and entered the two-person stall as soon as the water warmed up. Mark made the first move by squeezing gel onto Kevin’s chest and spreading it across his nipples –gently teasing them to erection.

Kevin quickly returned the gesture, massaging Mark’s cock and balls before pulling their bodies together and washing Mark’s back from that position. Mark threw his arms around Kevin, and soon the men were rubbing their bodies together, stimulating their sensitive phalluses.

Frottage led to open-mouthed kissing. The more they rubbed their bodies together, the deeper their kisses became. Kevin slipped a gel-covered finger into the cleft of Mark’s cheeks and stimulate his rosebud. That was the final straw. Mark’s cock erupted, sending a burst of hot jizz all over Kevin’s abs. Kevin dropped to his knees to receive the third blast in his mouth lest it get washed down the drain.

Mark helped Kevin stand, and then got on his knees to finish Kevin off with his mouth. The resulting explosion of cum nearly choked him, but he swallowed it manfully. \

“Well, officer Orr, do you feel clean enough for that massage?”

“I’d love to have one but I’m not sure I’ll respond like I would have if we’d have showered separately.”

“No worries. You asked the first time about a tantric massage, and I’m gonna add some of those moves. Tantra is more about the journey than the destination. If you have an orgasm, that’s icing on the cake, so to speak, or maybe `cream on the pudding’ would be a more appropriate way to phrase it. We’ll explore all your sources of sexual energy and you’ll find pleasure either way.”

Kevin began the massage rather like he always did. However, this time he was as naked as his client. Mark appreciated the firm rubbing which relaxed his back and shoulder muscles, and the fact that Kevin’s cock brushed against his arm at times. He decided to hold that warm appendage in his hand. It felt wonderful, especially when Kevin made pleasurable noises in response to his touch.

After working on Mark’s back for a while, Kevin switched to massaging his legs. This time, when he moved up toward Mark’s buns, lightly brushing his balls as well. Mark raised his butt slightly to give better access. That position led to more play with his scrotum and perineum. Before long, he was moaning in lust and throwing serious wood. At that point, Kevin had him turn over.

Now, he ran his hands across Mark’s pecs and abs, increasing the distance with successive moves, getting closer to the center of sexual energy with each pass. Soon, his fingertips brushed Mark’s flaccid dick until it began to thicken in response.

Then, Kevin took a position of standing by Mark’s feet. He moved up his legs toward his crotch, paying special attention to his inner thighs. When his fingers brushed Mark’s balls, another surge of blood filled the spongy tissues of his phallus, making it stand at attention.

Kevin bent forward to lick the drops of precum which now flowed more freely. The sticky fluid stimulated his Cowper’s gland as well as his taste buds. Soon, he was producing his own flow. Mark pulled him close and licked his cock in return.

“Hey, I’m the one who’s supposed to be pleasing you,” Kevin joked.

“Is there a law that says the client can’t return the favor, especially if it’s pleasurable to him as well?”

“No, it’s fine, and I thank you.”

“Why don’t you climb on the table and lie the opposite direction so we can suck at the same time?”

“Sure, the customer’s always right!”

After it ended in another orgasm, Mark laid a pile of twenties on the table and started to put his clothes on.

“Hey, there’s no change. This was between friends. I got as much out of it as you did. Put your money away.”

When Mark turned to face him with tears running down his cheeks, Kevin was alarmed.

“What’s the matter; did I hurt you?”

“No, it was awesome, but I’m scared. As you know, I’ve been burned before.”

“Me too. Wanna talk about it more?”

Mark shrugged.

“Good sex is like an addiction for me. I’m afraid I’ll need you like an opioid and then I won’t be able to have you anymore and I’ll go through withdrawal.”

“Was it like that with your wife?”

“Not really, it was never as satisfying as what we just did. I went in it committed and I kept hoping it would get better. I’m so messed up!’

“I am too, as you know from what I’ve confessed to you. Maybe we could be each other’s therapist. What have you go going tonight? Any chance of sleeping over?”

“I’m not on duty until Monday, and there’s nothing to keep me in my ugly little efficiency.”

“So, stay with me and let’s explore.”

“I’m, I’m…, scared… What if I can’t perform again so soon?”

“You’ve just proved there’s nothing wrong with your equipment, but let’s explore intimacy, not sex. I’m not promising we’ll go the weekend without spilling some jizz; I’m saying it could primarily be about togetherness.”

“Okay, I’m good with that. I should go home for some clothes and toiletries.”

“I have a spare toothbrush and you can use my shaver. We’re close enough in size you can wear my stuff, and I don’t want you out of my sight lest you change your mind and not come back.”

“How could I not come back? Like I said, I’ve got nothing at home. Sad fact is that I’ve not had anything at home for a long time – way longer than since our split-up.”

The men took another shower together. This time it was for the sake of getting clean, and there was no fooling around. Kevin brought out two pairs of thin nylon sport-shorts and a couple of T’s for them to wear.

The weather was pleasantly warm, so there was no reason to put on anything else.

Kevin hadn’t put anything out to thaw for dinner because he hadn’t planned on entertaining when he started his day. So, the guys threw on a second pair of shorts over the flimsy ones and went to Fareway. Mark insisted on buying the groceries since Kevin hadn’t charged for the massage. Kevin began to argue, but Mark threatened to arrest him if he resisted. With a promise to get even with him later, Kevin gave in.

Making dinner was a joint effort. Kevin lit the gas grill and both prepared veggies to roast in his “wok” which was a steep-sided square pan perforated with holes to allow the heat and smoke to cook the contents. After those had cooked for about 20 minutes, Kevin put the steaks on the other side of the grill. As soon as they were medium-rare, everything was ready to eat. Combined with a salad and a lite beer each, the men had a fine meal.

“Man, you’re really making my day,” Mark exclaimed. “First, I get the best massage I’ve ever had, and then my appetite gets treated to an excellent meal. I feel sated all the way around!”

“My day’s been just as good. You’ve brought me hope.” Kevin smiled. “And this is the first time I’ve had a client who gave as well as he received.”

“So, do you want to watch a vid or listen to some CD’s?”

“Whatever, as long as we can snuggle while we do it.”

The guys ended up watching an old Hitchcock thriller in black and white while cuddled together. Then, they stripped and climbed into Kevin’s bed. He fell asleep with Mark in his arms, breathing the scent of his hair. Mark stayed awake about 10 minutes longer but soon succumbed to the sandman as well.

Mark stayed the weekend but didn’t return after his Monday shift. He felt it would be presumptuous on his part to do so. After all, Kevin had said he had trust issues, and Mark didn’t want to push him. He wasn’t sure how to proceed, but he certainly didn’t want to spook Kevin. For his part, Kevin was already missing having Mark in his home. He was sorry he’d said anything about his insecurities. By doing so, he might have scared Mark off. Damn! How could he remedy that?

What a dilemma; two guys yearning for each other and neither feeling he should make the first move. This went on for several days while they stayed in touch through mundane text messages which at least kept them in contact. Both saw that as a positive sign.

Finally, toward the end of the week, Kevin decided the ball was in his court.

“Are you free to do a repeat of last weekend?” he wrote.

“Yeah, I have nothing on my agenda but laundry.”

“Bring it along and we’ll use my equipment while we figure out a better way to pass the time than people can do at the laundromat without getting arrested.”

“So, I should leave my badge and nightstick at home?”

“Possibly, unless you can think of something interesting to do with them.”

“For a legit masseur, you have a perverted mind!”

“Hmm… I said `interesting’ not `kinky.’ Whatever is on the mind of my respectable lawman?”

“Possibly the same thing that’s on yours… See you in a couple of hours.”

The first thing Kevin did when Mark arrived was to take his peace-keeper to the shower and then to the bedroom, which he’d prepared with candles and incense. Instead of the massage table, he had a mat and pillows on the floor.

They began in a standing position, clasping one another’s hands above their heads while their crotches touched intimately according to Kevin’s instructions. Next, the traced their fingers down each other’s back to their buns. After that, they placed one hand on the head and the other on the perineum of their partner. It was a more authentic form of tantra than they’d done the previous week. Each move made Mark more consciously aware of his sexuality.

After the first half hour when he was following Kevin’s directions, they began to improvise, doing things they knew felt good to them. Kevin was thrilled at how seamlessly Mark’s movements flowed! Never had anyone participated so naturally and fully. This was, indeed, true equality, right down to the finale when they pleasured one another orally. If last week’s massage was at the top of the scale, this one was off the chart!

As they lay in post-orgasmic bliss, Kevin pulled a sheet over them which he’d placed there for that purpose. Cuddled skin to skin, they napped for nearly 45 minutes. Kevin had thought ahead about what to fix for their dinner. He had brats to grill, and he would serve them with homemade German potato salad and watermelon. He’d originally intended to use canned potato salad because he didn’t have time to make it from scratch. When he’d called his mother to find out the best brand to use, she offered to make it for him. It was important to have good food when entertaining someone he was growing fond of.

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” she’d insisted.

Then she quizzed him a bit about the guy he was having over for dinner. Finding that Mark was a policeman and close in age to her son, she was sure he’d be a good catch. She’d immediately driven to the store to get the supplies she’d need.

This is the best potato salad I’ve ever eaten! How did you manage to come up with it and work too?” Mark asked.

“Um, I would have made it, but Mom did it for me because I didn’t have time.

“Would she consider adopting me, so I can eat this way all the time?”

“She might, but I won’t let her. I’m not sure what the rules are about marrying an adoptive brother.”

“Are you proposing already?”

“Nope, but I have a proposition”

“You’re going to proposition me then?” Mark teased.

“Yup. I’ve done a lot of thinking in the past week. We’ve known each other several years. It’s not like we’ve let our dicks overrule our brains. We’re compatible, and you’re helping me heal. I hope I’m doing the same for you. I’m proposing that you move in with me and we see where it leads. We might make it official by Christmas. What do you say?”